Hypertension Reduction Study

Hypertension Stress Reduction Study

Join this study and get a free session to see how much you can lower your blood pressure by learning new ways to really get rid of emotional stress and trauma that are some of the real root causes of your high blood pressure!

It is well known in the holistic medicine community that many health problems are caused or complicated by emotional stress. The estimates are very high for how much unresolved stress, emotional pain and trauma contribute to health problems. Some experienced holistic practitioners estimate that it is as high as 80% or 90%. It is also thoroughly proven by the now famous ACE Study that unresolved traumas from childhood are very significant contributing factors to a wide range of illness both mental and physical. One condition that is acknowledged as certainly being caused or complicated to some degree by emotional stress is hypertension. Traditional approaches and even many alternative approaches often only reduce the symptoms (if they work at all) and typically don’t resolve the real underlying causes of the hypertension. We have started to give free demo sessions to people with HBP using new techniques called The Pure Awareness Techniques that are highly effective for resolving unresolved emotional stress and trauma. Our first volunteer for one of these demos is Les Mason who has had HPB for many years. He had blood pressure readings for many days before the demo session and has been taking readings every day since the session. We did a follow up call via video conferencing and the change both in his blood pressure readings and in his whole manner was extraordinary. The readings are progressing down into the nearly normal range within just a couple of weeks. Les is continuing to take them and we will have a before and after comparison chart shortly that we will put up on this page as soon as we have it. Here’s the video of the short follow up call on June 24, 2018, two weeks after the initial session.

And here’s the video of the initial demonstration session of using the Pure Awareness Techniques to reduce the emotional stress that’s been a significant contributing factor to his HPB. This session was done on June 10, 2018.

Les has had HBP for many years. He had taken numerous blood pressure readings prior to his session. As of this writing, he’s in the process of taking his BP readings daily for the 2 weeks following the demo session. Now we are compare his readings from before and after the session to see if we get any significant changes. Then well update this page and make an announcement about it. If indeed hypertension is caused or complicated by emotional stress then what’s needed is some new method of resolving the emotional stress that really works. If you are honest with yourself you will admit that you aren’t very good at handling your emotions. Welcome to planet earth! You are among the 7 billion other people who are also not good at handling their emotions either!!! Up until now measuring how much emotional stress really contributes to HBP has been challenging to study because there haven’t been really effective methods for significantly reducing emotional stress. But there’s been a major breakthrough that now makes it possible to reduce the specific emotional stresses that cause HBP. This breakthrough didn’t come from a psychologist or psychiatrist. It didn’t come from the pharmaceutical industry. It was discovered by someone who figured out how to completely cure himself of PTSD on his own after getting shot in the chest in 1993 by a deranged stranger with a .44 caliber hand gun. Tish is highly unusual, just about unheard of, but he did it and has been PTSD symptom free ever since. He went on to develop these insights into a whole system for healing all kinds of disruptive emotions. This system is called Inner Greatness Optimizing (IGO).


Pilot Study

Inner Greatness Global is now conducting a pilot study to measure the effectiveness of the new techniques that were discovered. They are called the Pure Awareness Techniques and have been found to be effective for lowering high blood pressure in many cases.

Get a Free Demo Session

If you have high blood pressure and would like to have a free demo session, send us an email using the Contact Us form. Participation in this study involves having one or more online sessions via video conferencing over the internet. Your participation and the online session(s) as well as taking our simple online assessments are all totally free to study participants. You will be responsible for getting your accurate blood pressure readings before and after the study and providing those to us. Some preliminary demo sessions using these techniques have already been done and the recordings can be seen if you’d like to see them in action and get a good sense of how this works. There are sessions is on Transforming Anxiety into Serenity, Transforming depression into Happiness, Transforming grief into Joy, and Reducing Chronic Pain Caused by Emotional Stress. Here’s the page with an index of the recorded demo sessions done so far – There are several recording available now and lots more coming that will happen or have happened during June and July of 2018 on these topics. – If you would like to receive the announcements about these sessions and/or get notifications about the availability of the video recordings of them, join our email list specifically set up for this purpose by using the form at the bottom of this page. Check the check boxes of the topics about which you would like to be informed and click submit.

The ACE Study

It is well proven from a now famous study of childhood traumas called the ACE study that the risk of having many chronic diseases, including hypertension are a lot higher from the unresolved residual effects of childhood traumas than was previously thought to be the case. Here’s an excellent Ted Talk by Dr. Nadine Burke Harris – for an excellent explanation about the ACE study. Dr. Harris Ted Talk

I highly recommend that you watch it. It’s all about the impact that childhood traumas have on people’s health. Dr. Harris has launched a movement to promote routine childhood screening and a multi-disciplinary approach to help with prevention of traumas and help to heal the negative impact of these childhood traumas.

In the ACE study one of the findings was that unlike many other health problems, the childhood traumas don’t tend to self-heal over time. There’s a reason for this that was not found in the study but found by Tom Stone. It is because there is a deep pre-verbal conditioning that happens to everyone from being emotionally overwhelmed as a very small child.

The habit of suppressing painful emotions is the universal response to this. This is a set up for becoming emotionally incompetent. And it is not hard to see that pretty much everyone is not good at handling emotions. if you are honest with yourself you will acknowledge that this is true.

The emotions aren’t gone when they are suppressed. They are just swept under the rug, so to speak. The energy is still inside of you even if you have gotten good at suppressing it and not feeling it. Not feeling it doesn’t mean that it’s gone.

Even people who get really good at suppressing their emotions and do it automatically and unconsciously might think they have their emotions handled. But what’s really happening is you are not allowing yourself to complete the incomplete experience of the energy of the emotion and you are continuing to hold that emotional energy inside of your body. Although it might seem to you that you have it handled,  it is the accumulation of exactly this kind of suppressed, incomplete emotional energy patterns that leads to problems like HBP. 

The other primary way that people deal with their emotions, is to become overwhelmed by the sensation of the emotional energy and cry. But neither suppression nor overwhelm resolve the problem. And this is one of the common reasons why people continue to have problems like HBP and don’t know what to do about it. In the online sessions you will learn something that will be new to you. You will learn how to allow yourself to feel the sensation of the emotional energy in a new way. We have a way to identify and get access to the specific energy patterns that are at the real root of the emotional stresses that contribute to your HBP. This will be explained to you during the orientation for the session. Some of the orientation may be provided via email and/or via a webinar class for the participants in the study, either live or recorded. The orientation will be provided so that you will know what you are going to be doing prior to starting your personal session(s). This new way will allow you to complete the incomplete experiences of the energy patterns of the emotional stresses.

It is now common knowledge that emotional stress and trauma are major causes of or contributing factors to chronic disease of all kinds, both physical and mental. You know this from your practices and from your own experiences. You don’t need the ACE study to know about that but it’s great that the study was done and proves this without a doubt.

The finding from the study that ACE’s don’t self-heal over time was something discovered during the study but the study wasn’t designed to answer the question of why that is so. That wasn’t one of the goals of the study itself. But I was fortunate to discover the answer. As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention. Well I certainly had the necessity and I consider myself very blessed and fortunate to have discovered this precious insight.

And if you’d like to volunteer to have one of these demos, just email us using the form below. Include the topic you’d like to do the demo on and we’ll let you know if that opportunity is still available. We do these fairly often so it very likely will be.

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