How to Use the Freedom Practice – 1 App

How to Use the Freedom Practice – 1 App

The Freedom Practice app was originally 1 app with two sections to it. The first section was and still is free. It has an Introduction. It has this page on how to use the app. And it has a short orientation lesson to prepare you to learn the IN Technique. This is because the IN Technique teaches you how to do some things that are the opposite of what you have been doing all of your life. So the orientation is there to help you to know what to do when you enter into “foreign” territory.

Then there is the lesson on learning how to do the IN Technique,

And the last lesson is called a Reality Check. It’s about what we call a DIA – Decision Influences Assessment. A DIA shows you how clean or cluttered your inner emotional landscape is. 

As these lessons were originally part of the first section of what was previously a two-section program, the numbers of the lessons may have been changed, but in some cases, I didn’t want to do the entire lesson over again, so I may have either left the content in the video alone if it refers to the lesson number or name. So in some cases, just don’t mind if there are some inconsistencies about things like that. I’m updating everything as I get the chance to do that. 

My recommendation is that when you finish Freedom Practice -1, you take some time practicing the IN Technique and getting good at it.

Because so many of the IN Technique energies are hidden due to the preverbal conditioning of suppression and avoidance, you can use the LOCATE Technique, which is also taught in Freedom Practice -1, and tell the body to show you the next priority IN Technique energy for you to resolve. 

This way, you don’t have to even know what the energy is or when you acquired it. You just get the body to show you where it is and use the IN Technique to remove it completely.

You will make the most progress with what you learn in the Freedom Practice – 1 if you practice it daily. Doing it when you first get up in the morning for 20 or 30 minutes is a great way to start your day. If you do that daily for, perhaps 10 days to two weeks, you will notice feeling increasingly relaxed and comfortable. You can continue like that for as long as you like, but you will inevitably start to notice ego-based thoughts and emotional pain-based thoughts coming up during the day. 

You will be learning something called muscle testing if you decide to take Freedom Practice – 2. Ideally, when you do notice ego-base and/or emotional pain-based thoughts coming up during the day, you stop what you were doing and do the Freedom Practice right away. 

As you practice the IN technique, it will get easier and faster. Energies that take several minutes to complete when you are first using the IN Technique will start to disappear, sometimes even in seconds. 

At a certain point, when you are feeling proficient with the IN Technique, you can consider getting Freedom Practice – 2, in which you can learn the other main Pure Awareness Technique call the OUT Technique. You may notice that you will have a sense of when it is the right time for you to do that. 

In Freedom Practice – 2, you will get access to a unique audio program that was created so that you can guide yourself through any of the Pure Awareness Techniques by tapping on buttons on a mobile device or clicking on buttons on your computer screen. When you tap or click a button, you will get an audio clip of a woman’s voice giving you some information or instruction on what to do next in experiencing a particular technique. 

The audio clip stops after the instruction, and you do whatever it guided you to do. When you are ready for the next instruction, you click or tap again. 

This makes it possible to keep your eyes closed and just hover over the NEXT button until you are ready to click/tap it for the next audio clip. 

Enjoy Freedom Practice – 1. 



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