How to have a True Awakening

Many people are inspired to gain spiritual enlightenment. But despite the presence of people who have had spontaneous awakenings, something seems to be missing from most spiritual teachings. 

I discovered an insight about what’s missing in most spiritual teachings while in the process of looking for a cure for PTSD after getting shot in the chest by a deranged stranger right at my front door. 

I miraculously survived this assault, but I had PTSD with all of its symptoms – nightmares, flashbacks, startle response, hypervigilance, etc.  I didn’t believe the psychological dogma that PTSD is incurable, so I did my own private research and discovered a simple insight that allowed me to completely cure myself of PTSD. I haven’t had a single PTSD symptom in 30 years. 

I’ve helped hundreds of people reduce or eliminate their PTSD symptoms, often in one or two sessions. See a couple of very short videos of people who got over nightmares in one or two sessions.  – TraumAway Results

The thing is that the inability to resolve trauma has buried in it a deep form of conditioning that causes people to not even know why they can’t find the peace and spiritual awakening that they wish for. They have tried all kinds of things that are taught by people who seem to have had a spontaneous Awakening. But there always seems to be something missing because they just aren’t making the progress toward a True Awakening they want. 

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