How to become one of the best coaches in the world

It is well known that lots of people who have taken coach training are not making it as a coach. If you are already a coach or if you are considering taking coach training, you’ve come to the right place. This page will tell you how you can become one of the best and most successful coaches in the world. Really!

To become one of the best coaches in the world, you have to upgrade who you are. You have to gain easy and reliable access to your own inner greatness. Now there’s a powerful way to do that’s much faster than ever before. Here’s the story about the guy who knows exactly how to do that better than anyone.

His name is Tom Stone

(meet Tom)

Thomas Leonard, the founder of the ICF (International Coach Federation) is considered by many as the father of the modern coaching profession. He was also the founder of Coach U and Coachville, two large successful coach training companies.

Thomas had not had his own personal coach for 10 years. He was looking for someone who was 10 steps ahead of him and he hadn’t found anyone like that until he met… Tom Stone.

When Thomas met Tom Stone, within a week he asked Tom to be his coach. Tom had no coach training at all so he said, “I’m not a coach.” To which Thomas replied, “Oh yes you are!” So Thomas hired Tom as his coach. They met once a week for 1 hour by phone and then in person once per month.

After Thomas’s first coaching session with Tom he told attendees at one of his seminars that he had hired Tom Stone as his coach. And he said that he has listened to thousands of coaching sessions and that most coaches make an average of about 20 coaching mistakes in a half-hour coaching call. Then he said that he was amazed that Tom Stone had made only 1 mistake in the first full hour coaching session with him and that he had immediately caught himself and corrected it. He was blown away. He said that Tom had the cleanest energy of anyone he had ever met, bar none!

When Thomas sent an email to his R&D team (a large list of people who he shared ideas with he was working on for coach training programs) he mentioned the same things about Tom Stone and also said that Tom had a deeper understanding of the dynamics of what causes problems in human life and how to fix them than anyone he’d ever met. He also kindly promoted one of Tom’s upcoming seminars. All of this launched Tom into instant fame within the coaching world.

How is it that Tom could do such extraordinary coaching to the top trainer of coaches in the world without having had any coach training? It’s because great coaching doesn’t come from learning coaching techniques. It comes from being powerfully connected with your own inner greatness.

It’s just what Thomas said. Tom Stone has incredibly clean energy. What does that mean? It means that he isn’t lost to his ego. It means he’s very free of emotional pain. It means he has Emotional Mastery. It means that he is living a very full state of access to and expression of his inner greatness.

Did this just happen by chance? No, it happened by Tom discovering how to completely cure himself from PTSD after getting shot in the chest by a deranged stranger. Curing yourself of PTSD is unheard of. PTSD is considered incurable by the psychological and medical communities. In Tom’s search to find a cure for his PTSD he discovered how to completely resolve trauma and emotional pain. And when he started to share what he had discovered with others he rapidly learned that his insights could be applied to all kinds of problems with unprecedented effectiveness.

Tom Stone is currently setting up Inner Greatness Centers in cities all over China. He’s also training Inner Greatness Coaches and Trainers to make his extraordinary coaching and coach training available all over China. And he’s doing that via online training programs now too. So you can learn from him from anywhere in the world.

Now you can become a Certified Inner Greatness Coach. Coaches who take this training say that they now get breakthroughs in one session that they couldn’t get before with a year or more of traditional coaching sessions! How do they do that? They become more like Tom. Tom teaches you how to clean up your inner emotional landscape. It’s something most people don’t know how to do but Tom knows exactly how to do it and how to help you do it quickly and very thoroughly so that you can start coaching from your inner knowing. It makes it possible to sense and know exactly what to do to help people remove the real barriers to fully living and expressing their inner greatness. There’s nothing more important than this. It’s the only way to really be a truly extraordinary coach.

Want to become like Tom and be one of the best coaches in the world?

Get rid of the inner barriers that keep you from coaching from your Inner Greatness.

Register now for the Inner Greatness Coach Training Program to be taught by Tom here in Hong Kong.

Here are the details –

Inner Greatness Coach Training

Become one of the best coaches in the world.

Your most important client is… you!


Inner Greatness Coach Training Part 1

Upgrade yourself to become someone people want to be coached by

This training prepares you to start a program called the Freedom Practice.

The Freedom Practice is a daily process that you do that allows you to specifically target and resolve your inner barriers that get in the way of your ability to function from your inner greatness.

There are 4 kinds of thoughts that influence your decisions. They are:

  1. Practical
  2. Intuitive
  3. Ego based
  4. Emotional pain based

Most people don’t know how to tell which kind of thought they are having. And they base lots of their decisions and actions on their ego based and emotional pain based thoughts.

This is what causes you to make mistakes not only in coaching but in every area of your life.

Tom has developed an amazingly simple and highly effective method for being able to know exactly which kind of thought you are having. In addition you will learn how to access the pattern of energy that is causing your ego and/or emotional pain based thoughts and eliminate the energy permanently. Think of it as learning how to run human anti-virus software on yourself. When the energy pattern at the basis of your ego and emotional pain based thoughts is gone, you don’t have that kind of thought come up any more.

You will learn four special techniques for doing this called the Pure Awareness Techniques.

The four basic Pure Awareness Techniques

  • IN
  • OUT


During the training you will receive a free app that you will use to guide yourself through the Pure Awareness Techniques. It has a simple elegant user interface that allows you to go through the experience of the Pure Awareness Techniques with your eyes closed which is the easiest way to do them.

You will also learn a special way to test yourself that is called Intuition Testing. This simple testing method is what makes it possible to tell which kind of thought you are having and also exactly what to do to eliminate the energy pattern at its basis.

You will also go thought a process of making the Intuition Testing highly reliable.

In addition, you will receive a personal Decision Influences Assessment. This is an unique kind of assessment that measures to what extent your decisions are being influenced by each of the four kinds of thoughts.

Here’s an example of what a Decision Influences Assessment looks like –


The Freedom Practice

Once you learn the four basic Pure Awareness Techniques and Intuition Testing, you begin the Freedom Practice immediately, right during Part 1 of the training.

You continue doing the Freedom Practice for 6 months. Remember that becoming someone who can live and coach from much greater access to your inner greatness is vastly more important than learning coaching techniques.

You start the Freedom Practice by doing it in the morning for about 20 to 30 minutes every day. You then also start to integrate the Freedom Practice into the rest of your day. At some point near the end of the day you make a short report on what happened with it that day. You post your report to a group discussion system and Tom gives you daily mentoring to help you do it better and better and answer any questions that come up about your experiences with identifying and removing your inner barriers.

After 3 months of doing the Freedom Practice daily and making and reviewing your Freedom Practice Reports, you are then ready to take part 2 of the Inner Greatness Coach Training.


Inner Greatness Coach Training Part 2

In part 2 of the training you learn a systematic way of using Intuition Testing with clients to help them to identify and eliminate the energy patterns that are at the root cause of any problem that they are having in their life.

You learn what is called The Inner Greatness Optimizing Protocol (IGO Protocol). It is a systematic step-by-step process that is guided with the use of the Intuition Testing that clarifies the new way of being that your client wants instead of how things are now, and then identifies the specific barriers that are causing that problem. You then guide the person through the appropriate Pure Awareness Techniques and eliminate the energy patterns that have been causing the clients ego based and/or emotional pain based thinking and decisions.

When the energy patterns at the basis of these kinds of decisions is gone, the client is completely free of their influence. They now naturally see the situation in a whole new light. It’s like taking off of dark glasses and being able to see things clearly, sometimes for the first time in their life! This is so extraordinary that you won’t have had this kind of experience even with the best of traditional coaching. You have to see it to believe it.

Because the IGO Protocol is simple and systematic and you use it in every session, it is almost impossible to NOT get a major breakthrough or even more than one in every Inner Greatness Coaching session. And you will get breakthroughs that have been difficult or impossible to get with any other method.

You will also learn how to:

  • Optimizing the skill of formulating clear intentions
  • Learn the difference between Intentions and Expectations
  • You will learn how to completely overcome the fear of Uncertainty
  • You will learn how to know exactly what to say at every stage of each coaching session
  • You’ll learn how to make powerful enrollment conversations to inspire the client to do what they really need to do both during and after the session.
  • You will learn about something called the Tragedy of Knowledge and how to avoid it.
  • And you will learn 10 Things to make the Pure Awareness Techniques work even better.
  • You will learn 4 additional Pure Awareness Techniques
    • Wholeness
    • Wisdom
    • Neutral
    • Clarity

You will practice the Inner Greatness Optimizing Protocol during the training so that you can make sure that you really get it.

Upon completing Part 2 of the training you will continue with doing the Freedom Practice and you will start to give Inner Greatness Coaching Sessions to clients.



After you give 40 1-on-1 sessions you will submit a video session for review – upon confirming that you are doing IGO properly you become a Certified Inner Greatness Coach.

You also then get to have a profile listing on this web site and have the opportunity to get clients from the site if they choose you as their coach from your profile page.

Inner Greatness Global’s certification will be far more valuable to you than an other certification such as from the ICF or other coach certification organizations.

Optional additional advanced training programs to further enhance your skills and what you can offer as a coach and trainer are also available. These expand the ways that you can help people and also increase your income.

Cost of the training:

Our goal is to keep the cost of this training low to make it available to as many people as possible. By using on line recorded classes taught by Tom Stone and by using the app that you will get when you attend the training for learning and using the Pure Awareness Techniques we are able to keep the cost of this training quite low compared with many other coach training programs. The price for the full training including both Parts 1 and 2 as well as the 6 months of the Freedom Practice Mentoring Program is only $2,675 when paid in full or $525 per month for 6 months.

To register click on the option of your choice. 

Inner Greatness Coach Training and Certification Program – 6 monthly payments of $525  

Inner Greatness Coach Training and Certification Program – full payment – $2,675  


Advanced Trainings

Advanced Freedom Practice for an additional 6 months

6 additional months of mentoring by a Certified Freedom Practice Mentor
(first 6 months of Freedom Practice is a pre-requisite)


Advanced Inner Greatness Coach Training

  • The 12 Core Dynamics of Human Conditioning
  • Optimize Your Life
  • Permanent Pure Awareness
  • Train the Trainer – Inner Greatness Coach Training Part 1
  • Freedom Practice Mentor Training
  • Train the Trainer – Inner Greatness Coach Training Part 2

Training to Give Free Sessions Promotional Program

  • Transform Depression into Happiness
  • Transform Anxiety into Serenity
  • Transform Grief into Joy
  • Transform Heart Break into Contentment
  • SUCCESS 101 – How to Make Fewer Costly Mistakes
  • Lower High Blood Pressure by REALLY getting rid of Emotional Stress that is often the main cause
  • Transform Nightmares into Peaceful Sleep
  • Transform PTSD into Peace of Mind

Training in topic specific public seminars for introducing people to IGO

  • Freedom from Illusions
  • Emotional Mastery
  • Extraordinary Relationships
  • Extraordinary Prosperity
  • Extraordinary Parenting
  • Extraordinary Performance
  • Extraordinary Leadership
  • Extraordinary Collaboration
  • Extraordinary Wellness
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