Holly Mcclenahan

Holly Mcclenahan

Certified Inner Greatness Coach

Holly McClenahan obtained her nursing degree from the University of Kentucky in 1978. She went on to become a C.C.R.N. in Neuro-trauma and Neuro-surgery ICU. In 1992 after a traumatic experience and PTSD so severe she had seizures, which resulted in a near death experience, she turned her study to energy medicine.

Holly was in the first training group for how to use the early Human Software Engineering devices in the United States, taught by the Tom Stone. She continued to study in Germany and became an international instructor for the this kind of technology. While working for Tom Stone she managed New Hope Clinic in Tijuana, Mexico which treated severe illnesses and cancer.

Holly studied 10 years with shaman Serge Runningwolf Martel and was ordained as a Golden Eagle Minister. Runningwolf also trained Holly as a Shamanic Touch Practitioner and teacher which uses the ancestral wisdom of multiple tribal healing techniques and Tera Mai Reiki.

Holly has studied with Tom Stone since 1996 and is a Human Software Engineer, Trauma Resolution Specialist and trainer, a Certified Inner Greatness Coach.

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