Here’s what’s missing from most spiritual teachings, progrms, retreats, books, etc.

So you’d like to be enlightened

You’ve tried all kinds of stuff but so far  nothing has worked to bring you a true awakening.

What’s Missing?

Why aren’t you getting what you really need for your spiritual development? Reading or listening to the descriptions of enlightenment even by people who have clearly spontaneously seskrninh rcprtirnvr doesn’t get YOU there.

The description of being in the experience of enlightenment doesn’t usually come with a roadmap or owner’s manual.

Although authors like Eckhart Tolle and others have written eloquent descriptions of waking up to the essence of what they are and people want to have similar experiences of living in the NOW, in full presences of awareness, they are often frustrated that HOW it happened isn’t clearly explained. No systematic method of gaining a true awakening is provided. That’s because such spontaneous awakenings didn’t  occur by a systematic method. So such teachers can describe what it is like  to be in such a state of continuous presence but they can’t tell YOU how to get there.

So there is a very important difference between being enlightened and being able to provide simple clear guidance for how to gain enlightenment for others. This is true for most “spiritual teachers.”

But a simple systematic approach is exactly what you have been looking for. Although such simple guidance is quite rare I have good news for you. You have the good fortune to have finally found what you have been looking for.

The simple systematic method you can learn from Tom Stone is exactly that. And he discovered it and used it himself to gain his own true awakening to living the continuous experience of WHOLENESS, PRESENCE, ENLIGHTENMENT, that never goes away. And best of all he is a superb teacher and can tell you, show you, exactly how you too can have a true awakening instead of just hearing about it from those who have had such awakenings spontaneously.  In fact, Tom even has an app that works on Apple, Android and on computers, laptops and tablets with which you can guide yourself not only to experience pure awareness but to remove the barriers to living with PURE AWARENESS always present in your life.

Wow! You may have even been getting discouraged and giving up and become resigned that some simple systematic method doesn’t even exist.

But now you just found what you have been hoping and wishing for.

And it turns out to be far simpler than you thought it might be. In fact, if you have been convinced to take on some long arduous practice, once you learn what you are going to learn here you will realize that what you have been convinced to do has clearly lost connection with whatever true access to genuine awakening it had, if it ever did.



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