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WaveForm Optimizing (WFO) is producing incredible results. You may have already had these types of results yourself and/or with clients.

It is natural to be inspired to want others to get these benefits too. One way that you can help make that happen is to share your experience of how WFO has helped you by making a short video testimonial about your experience with it. We are eager to put as many testimonials as possible on our YouTube channel and website. 

Long before someone watches all the testimonials, they will be signing up to have a WFO session with you.

We would like to have these testimonials in the YouTube shorts format. This is like the shape and size of your cell phone screen.  

In order for the testimonials to be effective, they should be simple, concise and compelling. In order to be a “short”, it has to be less than 60 seconds in duration.

Consider having the content be some combination of:

  • Your name – (Hi! I’m (your name)
  •  I’m excited to share something remarkable with you that I’ve recently discovered. 
  • I had – (Tell about a problem you had and how long you had it.)
  • I tried all kinds of methods and modalities to resolve this, but nothing worked
  • A friend referred me to (your coach’s name) who used something I had never heard of before called WaveForm Optimizing.
  • This new technique is incredible and produced amazing results for me.
  • In just 2 sessions (my problem) was completely resolved (or explain whatever your experience was)
  • It’s fast and often produces positive results in as little as 2 minutes
  • Wave Form Optimizing has my highest recommendation


One nice advantage of shorts is that if you don’t like your first try, it is so easy to just record it again until you like the end result.

You can easily make a testimonial right from you cell phone. A short video that tells just how to do that is  available here – How to make YouTube Shorts

Once you have made your short testimonial, you can send the YouTube link to me by text at 206-235-3329 or by email to: [email protected]

I look forward to seeing your shorts! lol


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