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Benefits of Inner Greatness Coaching Sessions

This page contains a a series of explanations of why you might benefit from a 1-on-1 session with a Certified Inner Greatness Coach.

Overcoming Emotional Suppression

1. Probably the number 1 reason would be that you have a life time of suppressing your emotions. This happens due to getting emotionally overwhelm a lot as a kid and developing the habit of doing your best not to feel emotions especially when they are painful or intense. This happens to everybody an it makes people not very good at handling their emotions.

So one of the primary things that an Inner Greatness Coach can help you do is to overcome this deep habit and allow yourself to feel the sensations of the energy fields that ARE your emotions.

Up until now suppressing your emotions has been an important survival skill because no one ever taught you any other way to handle them. Due to your life long habit of suppressing your emotions some of the ones that you need to be able to feel using the IN or OUT techniques may be difficult for you to allow yourself to feel. You may have gotten so good at emotional suppression that you think that you have your emotions handled. But just because they are swept under the rug doesn’t mean they are gone.

Years of experience in working with people on finding and getting rid of the real barriers to having the life that they want has shown me that unresolved emotions (due to the habit of emotional suppression) are the REAL root cause of just about every problem that people have in their life. They cause inner conflicts, all kinds of problems. They block you from access to and full expression of your inner greatness. They accumulate and stress your immune system and eventually become the bases of many kinds of illnesses. So you may think you have your emotions handled but you’re kidding yourself.

If you think that this conditioning is not limiting you then honestly answer these questions.

Do you consistently trust and act on your intuition?

Do you get nervous or afraid if you have to speak in public?

Do you sometimes get anxious?

Do you sometimes get depressed?

Have you experienced heartbreak or grief and when you think about it can you still feel the pain?

Do you get upset when things don’t go the way that you want?

When trying to get people to agree with you are you sometimes afraid of being rejected?

When you reach a goal, how long does the feeling of fulfillment last?

Do you have a major project pending like writing a book or starting a business that just isn’t getting done?

You might be surprised at your answers. If you are really honest with yourself you will find that your unresolved emotions are limiting your life far more than you may have previously realized.

In order to truly get rid of the real basis of what’s keeping you from living a much richer manifestation of your potential then you are currently expressing you have to get to and resolve the true basis of these limitations. Basically the true basis is the accumulated unresolved not-useful emotions you are still carrying around inside of yourself.

Our Inner Greatness Coaches know how to help you overcome this important problem. They are skilled at helping you to identify and resolve whatever the specific unresolved emotions are that are at the real core of your limitations and problems.

Resolving the Deepest Causes of Your Limitations and Problems

2. The habit of Suppression and Avoidance is just one of 12 different powerful forms of pre-verbal conditioning that are at the basis of pretty much every problem that people have in their life. I spent years researching to find the answer to the question – What are the deepest causes of problems in human life? It did in fact take years to get the insights but I did and this is one of the most important aspects of Inner Greatness Optimizing. It is called the 12 Causes of Human Problems.

Inner Greatness Coaches are trained in these insights and in how to resolve the traumas and fears that are the basis of our early conditioning. It is these 12 Causes that keep you stuck in your habits and limitations. So another very important and major benefit of having coaching from a Certified Inner Greatness Coach is that they use these insights to help get to and resolve truly the deepest levels of what is causing your limitations and problems. This allows them to facilitate getting breakthroughs that have been difficult or impossible for others to get who don’t have the benefits of these profound insights.

Breaking the Patterns that Keep You Locked into Your Pain

3. Many people have been able to get rid of their anxiety or depression simply with the use of the Inner Guidance App. However, sometimes these problems can have dimensions to then that are tricky to handle by yourself.

One of the problems with anxiety is that when you have had it for a long time even though it’s miserable, it’s kind of familiar. You can kind of count on it being there when you wake up tomorrow. This can create a strange kind of “stuckness”. You want to get rid it but there’s a strange kind of comfort in knowing that its going to be there, At least that’s something that you can count on.

This means that there’s a need to resolve the attachment to the familiar feeling. Inner Greatness Coaches are skilled at guiding you in how to do that.

Handling the Subtleties of Emotional Energy Patterns

4. Another thing that can happen is that due to your habit of emotional suppression sometimes you’ve become good at avoiding allowing yourself to notice the central strongest area of an anxiety or depression emotional energy field so that when you go to try to feel it, all you can feel are the edges of it. I often refer to anxiety as dancing around the outer edges of a a deeper fear. And depression is dancing around the outer edges of sadness. When this is happening it may be difficult to resolve it by yourself. There’s a special way of dealing with this and our Inner Greatness Coaches are very good at handling these kinds of situations.

Systematic Process and Very High Success Rate

5. There may also be other highly individual issues that keep you locked into your problem whatever that may be. The methods used by our Inner Greatness Coaches are systematic. They have a special form of testing that uses your body’s innate wisdom to guide the process of finding the real root causes of why your emotions are not fully resolving. The Inner Greatness Optimizing Protocol is a systematic series of steps that virtually always works for finding and resolving the real nature of the problem. Success rate is extremely high.

So this is why we have 1-on-1 coaching sessions available. It’s for helping you if and when you find that you’d like or need some help. So instead of giving up, you just need to go a bit deeper and we can help you to do that,

Getting help with overcoming things like this is why we have highly trained Certified Inner Greatness Coaches available who have helped many people overcome problems you might not have been able to resolve on you own with the Inner Guidance App or with any other method for that matter.

Better than 5 to 10 Years of Traditional Therapy

Often we hear over and over again from our clients that they find that Inner Greatness Optimizing sessions are vastly more effective than traditional coaching or therapy. In fact we commonly hear from clients that one or two sessions with a Certified Inner Greatness Coach was worth more to them than 5 to 10 years of traditional therapy.

Get the help you need today. Book a 1-on-1 session and get the freedom from your problems and limitations that you deserve. You’ve certainly had those long enough! If you’d like to book a session you can use the form below.

We look forward to working with you and helping you resolve your problems… completely!

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