Extraordinary Selling Assessment

Problems in selling appear to be from lack of understanding of what to do and not do in the selling process. But this is not the whole story. Of course it is important to know what to do and what not to do but even when people know what to do sometimes they still have trouble doing it effectively.

Problems in selling are usually caused by having fears that may either be obvious or they may be so familiar and they may have been with you so long that you don’t realize that your subliminal fears sabotaged your sales process and you just can’t see why it didn’t go well.

This assessment is designed to help determine to what extent your selling process is being influenced by hidden fears. It will give us a way to determine what to do to fully resolve the fears that the basis of your selling challenges. They you can take advantage of the new and highly effective tools of IGO to get these inner barriers out of the way. This will skyrocket your sales effectiveness. You’ll be able to be much more present, really hear what your client or prospect truly wants (it’s often not your product or service by the way but you can get the sale if you really help them get what they truly want).

So take the assessment. Then use some of the great new resources of IGO to remove the fears and habits that are undermining your best efforts to sell well. Then retake the assessment and see how much change has occurred.

In addition, note the level of your sales results now and then make note of the new level of successful selling that you achieve after using the IGO resources. Most people are amazed at the difference that this makes in their selling and in their life.

Be ruthlessly honest with yourself and rate yourself from 0 to 10 for the following statements.
0 = not at all
10 = most or all of the time

[assessment name=’Extraordinary Selling’ 10_bar=”true”]

@ I notice that I tend to talk too much and not listening enough even though I know not to do that.
@ I feel like my questions are not very good or not phrased properly.
@ I have a tendency to just try to sell products or services even though I know that customers are look for solutions.
@ I sometimes give prospects and customers too much information which seems to confuse them.
@ I have trouble providing good after-sales service.
@ When I lose a sale it’s hard for me to try to regain the lost business.
@ When a prospect has established relationships with another supplier for a product or service that I’m selling, I feel reluctant to call on them.
@ I don’t like to respond to customer complaints and I’m not very good at it.
@ When I get a new client I often don’t properly cultivate the relationship to turn them into a long-term customer.
@ I don’t think that I am very effective at getting additional business from my existing customers.
@ I tend to set my goals too high or too low and then have trouble reaching my goals whatever they are.
@ I tend to sell based on features and price rather than value and benefits.
@ I can tell that I’m more concerned with making the sale than I am with the real needs of my prospect or customer.
@ I know that I should do things to build trust with my prospects and customers but I don’t seem to do that very well.
@ I often put off important sales activities in deference to other things so therefore don’t take full advantage of selling time.
@ I often am afraid that my clients don’t have time to see me.
@ I’m afraid that people will say “no” and I won’t be able to overcome their objections
@ I don’t seem to be able to generate more than a certain amount of sales. There seems to be a “glass ceiling” that I just can’t get past.

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