Extraordinary Relationships Program – Sept 2023

Extraordinary Relationships

Welcome to the Extraordinary Relationships Program.

This program is a bundle of three courses –

  1. Extraordinary Relationships – the introductory course
  2. Love without Attachment
  3. Unconditional Love

There’s a little about each program below.

There is also a bonus eBook for those who pay the discounted price of just $800 for the bundle.

When purchased separately, the standard price for each course is $797. So this bundle is a $2391 value. So, making full payment now means you are getting a 2/3 discount. I have never offered it at this deep a discount before.

In addition, there is a very special bonus of an eBook called Extraordinary Love Making for people who pay $800 now.

There is also an option of making eight monthly payments of $127 each for a total of $1016.

A little about each course: There is much more to each class, but it would be too much to put it all here.

Extraordinary Relationships

This program will identify and resolve the barriers to having your primary and most important relationship be extraordinary. That relationship is the most important one in your life. It is your relationship with yourself.

Even though it often seems like our relationship problems are caused by “the other,” your relationship reality is the precise expression of what you are resonating with!

So, the key to having the relationship you want is to become fully congruent with what you want, entirely in resonance with it. Then, your reality can start to show up that way. If you want it to be different, things must change, and that change must occur inside you.

The Extraordinary Relationships section of this training is a series of 14 sets of special instructions that you use with the Pure Awareness Techniques for removing your inner barriers to having a truly great relationship. Suppose you are new to Inner Greatness Optimizing. In that case, you can use the Inner Guidance app with its interactive audio instructions to guide yourself through special techniques called the Pure Awareness Techniques, which are simple but powerful ways of resolving unresolved disruptive emotions that get in the way of having the relationship you want.

  • Our focus is extraordinary intimate relationships
  • Whether you have a partner or not
  • This will also naturally affect all of your relationships

Here’s the list of topics that are addressed during this course:

  1. Eliminating resentments
  2. Staying present
  3. Love based on self-sufficiency
  4. Optimizing communication
  5. Your partner is a mirror
  6. Stop dating your parents
  7. Attracting an ideal partner (or allowing your partner to be perfect)
  8. How to get over heartbreak… completely!
  9. Not settling for less than you really want
  10. Waiting long enough before making a long-term commitment
  11. You can have both Intimacy and independence
  12. Appreciating different emotional waves
  13. Having the qualities in yourself that you want in your partner
  14. Financial integrity

Love without Attachment

Some of the things you saw with your parents, you swore you’d never be like that.

You might have said to yourself — I’ll never do that!

But now that you’re an adult, if you’re honest with yourself, you’ll have to admit that you’re doing many of the same things your parents did.

These conditional forms of existence are often quite limited and even problematic.

In the course, we are going to make the unconscious – conscious.

This course is designed to give you a better understanding of the deep conditions of things that may be unconscious, and the sources of this conditioning are:

  • Your family of origin
  • Your culture
  • Your religion
  • government
  • media
  • Children’s stories and books
  • And more

Unconditional love

Things we will cover in this course,

Intentions and obstacles in a state of unconditional love.

By the end of the course, you should be in complete resonance with –

  •  I naturally love without attachment.
  • I make a clear distinction between love and attachment
  • I am unconditional love
  • I live in a constant state of love, full of complete freedom and independence.
  • I am truly independent and self-sufficient
  • I’m willing to look at relationships in a new way
  • I remain fully present in every aspect of my relationship
  • I easily distinguish and distinguish between emotional reactions and situations and address them immediately
  • I see the beauty of everything
  • I only say sweet truths

Program participant experiences

Gary Fields

After getting married, my wife and I started to get resentful when we didn’t feel supported in things going the way that we wanted them to. Each time that happened, It was like piling another resentment on top of a stack of them. Gradually what happened is that the pile of resentments became like the Great Wall of China, interfering with the love that we originally had felt at the beginning of our relationship.

We decided to take a chance that perhaps the Extraordinary Relationships program might help at least a little bit, so we signed up for it.

After finishing the process of eliminating the energies of all of the resentments, we were both amazed that we started to feel the love that we had experienced in the beginning. Now we have access to more and more of that feeling of affinity and connectedness than we had thought was gone forever.

Thank you so much, Tom, for creating this amazing program!

Lucy Fletcher

When my husband would do something I didn’t like or blame me for doing something that he didn’t like, it would typically cause us to fight about it, each of us trying to get the other to see things our way. The fights would escalate often, causing us to eventually just stop out of frustration but also to feel isolated and hurt for a long time. This seems to be a pretty common problem for many couples.

We decided to take the Extraordinary Relationship program because a friend of ours had taken it, and she and her husband had learned how to almost completely stop fighting about things. It was hard to believe, but if it was true, it was certainly worth giving it a try.

We did take the program and we started to find that when one of us was upset and wanted to argue, the other one often could point out that we were doing an old behavior and that it was better to just stay present and hear the other person instead of getting reactive. And that has often worked! We are fighting much less and not having so many times of feeling isolated and at odds with each other. This program is making a huge difference in the quality of our relationship.

John Hardy

I was in Iraq for 2 tours, and after the second one, when I came home, I would get angry very easily. And I would get so angry that I literally punched holes in the sheetrock of the inner walls of my home.

My wife was getting secondary PTSD from just living with me and asked me to stop. But I couldn’t stop the anger. We didn’t have much of a relationship during this time.

A friend of mine was taking a trauma resolution training from Tom Stone in Denver which is not far from where I live. She talked with the training organizer and arranged for Tom to come to my home and see if he could help me reduce my anger.

He was able to come and see me, and I had one session with him. After the session, he asked me to think about the things that made me angry, but as much as I tried, I just didn’t feel it anymore. One of my army buddies was there at the session, and we were both amazed at this outcome.

My wife was happy. My house was happy. And most of all, I am happier than I could have imagined I would ever be again.

Thank you, Tom Stone, with all my heart. I have a life and a marriage again!! I highly recommend you to anyone who wants to have a better relationship!


If you live or bank in the USA, you can use Zelle to send your payment for this program. It is an eight-month program, and there are two options for paying for it, as mentioned at the beginning of this web page.

One option is to pay $127 per month for 8 months for a total of $1016.

There is a special discount if you pay the full price of $800. In addition to the discount, if you pay the $800 in the next 4 hours, you will receive a very special eBook called Extraordinary Love Making.

This eBook is pretty amazing. It tells you exactly what to do to change sex into real lovemaking.  It is all about being fully present. It also includes how to remove things that keep you staying present during lovemaking, things that cause you to not really be present but to get absorbed in fantasies or to not be able to stay present during the height of ecstasy when you are truly making love with full presence.  Couples who have followed the very explicit instructions in the eBook have reported that their experiences were absolutely incredible.

Drawing on the ancient wisdom of Tantra combined with using HSE (IGO) to debug any barriers to presence, even such things as traumatic energies stored in the vagina can bring your experience of lovemaking into a whole new parallel universe. People say they never knew it could be so good.

Remember this is a bonus only for those who pay the $800 within the next 4 hours.

All participants in this program, however they have registered, will have the opportunity to attend a live Q&A Zoom call with Tom once per month – the schedule will be announced in the near future. The Q&A calls will be recorded and made available if you can’t make some of the live calls.

When you’re done removing all the obstacles that you will address in this course, you will notice that love is the fundamental essence of what you really are. Notice that this is the natural state of unconditional love, without attachment to anything or anyone.

You are indeed unconditional love!


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