Extraordinary Presenting Program

To be a really good speaker you need to have a high level of these 19 qualities:

The 19 Qualities of Extraordinary Presenting

  1. Your speech and expressions are simple and clear
  2. Your choice of words is optimal for each audience
  3. Your speaking is compelling and inspires people
  4. You feel a strong connection with every audience no matter who they are
  5. You are totally present when speaking in public
  6. You are completely comfortable with large audiences no matter how big they are
  7. You are completely comfortable with important audiences no matter who they are
  8. You perfectly sense the needs of each audiences in each moment
  9. You always speak from your Inner Greatness
  10. Your speed of delivery is Optimal
  11. Your timing of delivery is Optimal
  12. Your volume of delivery is Optimal
  13. You effortlessly adapt to the needs of each moment while presenting
  14. While speaking you simultaneously sense how it is landing and adapt to create the best possible outcomes
  15. When you speak you are calm and fearless
  16. Your speech touches the hearts of the listeners
  17. You have the freedom of being unattached to the outcome of your speaking
  18. You have great fun speaking
  19. You look really great on stage, on camera or where ever you are speaking

The only real obstacles of being able to have the full expression of these qualities are your unresolved disruptive emotions and conditioning. This is done using the Inner Greatness Optimizing process with the Pure Awareness Techniques for resolving the disruptive emotions at the basis of the conditioning and using the Quantum Energy Optimizer to cancel out the energy that holds the conditioning and old unwanted habits in place.

It’s a powerful process. And you can start it for free by using the Vaporize Your Fear of Public Speaking app that’s available right on this web site. – Vaporize Your Fear of Public Speaking

Then you can continue to remove the other barriers to being able to fully express all of the 19 qualities of an Extraordinary Presenter by working with your Certified Inner Greatness Coach in a series of 1-on-1 sessions. Extraordinary Presenting Program – 1-on-1 coaching session series




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