Extraordinary Leadership Assessment

The best leaders advance in their careers and advance the success of their organizations faster than leaders who just perform at the average level.

In this assessment you rate yourself for 48 of the main attributes of Extraordinary Leaders. But even the best leaders don’t typically fully express their potential in any of these areas. They may be better than most other leaders in some of the attributes but certainly not living up to their full potential for all of them.

Everyone gets held back by their conditioning and unresolved emotions. IGO is used in the Extraordinary Leadership program to help people remove these inner barriers so that you can fully express each of them at 100% of your natural capacity. You can read a detailed explanation about this program here – The Extraordinary Leadership Program

Rate yourself on a scale of 0 to 10 for your sense of to what extent you are expressing each of these primary attributes of top performers.

0 = you don’t express much at all of this attribute.

10 – You are expressing the full value of this attribute in your work and life all the time.

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@ Ability to Manage ambiguity, Conflict, Uncertainty and Inconsistency

@ Accountability

@ Adaptability

@ Adherence to the Golden Rule

@ Approachability

@ Authenticity

@ Balance Realism and Optimism

@ Clear Thinking – Simplifying Things to Maximize Understanding and Minimize Confusion

@ Collaboration and Cooperation

@ Committed to Making Others Better

@ Communication

@ Courage

@ Creativity and Innovation

@ Decisive Action from Clarity

@ Don’t Make Exceptions for themselves.

@ Emotional Competence

@ Empowerment and Self-sufficiency

@ Ethics and Integrity

@ Fairness

@ Focus and Presence

@ Generosity

@ Have their Team’s Back

@ High Standards

@ Humility

@ Initiative

@ Kindness

@ Lead by Example

@ Masterful Enrollment

@ Masterfully Navigates Uncertainty

@ Open Minded

@ Passion

@ Planning and Coordination

@ Practice Rigorous Accountability

@ Presentation Excellence

@ Productivity

@ Professional – Being Respectable Both at Work and in their Private Lives

@ Put People First

@ See the Big Picture

@ Self-awareness

@ Serving and Supporting

@ Stays Balanced Under Stressful Situations

@ Surround themselves With People Better than them

@ Thinks Outside the Box

@ Trusts and Acts on Intuition

@ Trustworthy- Behaving in a Consistent, Highly Ethical, and Fair Manner.

@ Unselfish

@ Visionary – Providing a Sense of Direction for Others

@ Wades into Conflict

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