Awaken Your Inner Greatness Assessment

Many of the things that we do are not expressions of our inner greatness but rather are deeply conditioned habits that have their origins in our preverbal conditioning. This conditioning causes us to have a lot of limitations in our life that we don’t realize are from our early conditioning and we tend to think that it’s just the way that we are. These things are invisible barriers to accessing and expressing our inner greatness so that you can have a life that intuitively you may know is possible but you haven’t known how to access it.

This assessment is a kind of wake up call to make you more aware of the extent to which your unresolved and suppressed emotions at the basis of your conditioning are limiting you and causing problems and suffering in your life. You might think that you have your emotions handled because you’ve become very good at suppressing them. But emotional suppression isn’t emotional competence. And the impact of the suppressed emotions can be determined by taking this assessment. You might be surprised at what you will discover.

Whatever you score is from the assessment, on the results page you will find some suggested resources for helping you to remove the insidious inner barriers that are holding you back. Then you can take the assessment again and see your progress after completing some of the cleaning up of your inner emotional landscape.

Rate yourself on a scale of 0 to 10
0 = not at all or never
10 = most or all of the time

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