Enlightened Robots

Enlightened Robots

A New Way to Prevent Them from Harming Anyone

Many people are afraid that robots controlled by AGI – Artificial General Intelligence could possibly take over the Earth and kill all of the humans.

This has been an increasingly common topic of YouTube videos in recent months with the fears expressed that this has the possibility of happening soon and that it might even be too late to prevent it from happening.

But there is a solution to both the fear and to preventing such annihilation of humans from taking place.

I have been pioneering the new field of Human Software Engineering (HSE) for the past 30 years. This is not about just making a nice interface between humans and computers, but rather, it is about debugging and upgrading our inner human software.

The Key Insight

Preverbal Conditioning


We have inside of us a body of bugged code that started to get created when we were in our early developmental stages as an infant. This was during the time before we could speak. It was what we could call “preverbal conditioning.”

As infants, we all get emotionally overwhelmed lots of times. Nobody likes it. In fact, we hate it. So, prior to having any language to describe our experiences of being emotionally overwhelmed we have experiences of patterns of emotional energy that are just too much for us to process when they happen.

Emotional Overwhelm

What happens is that when a pattern of emotional energy is just too much, we archive the part of it that we can’t finish processing right when it happens.

This happens lots of times, and we develop the habit of suppressing our experiences so that we get as far away from the painful, emotionally overwhelming experiences as possible.

This causes us to accumulate a database of unresolved, incomplete, traumatic, emotionally painful patterns of energy that we store in our bodies.

It also causes us to use a very limited amount of our natural capacity to feel.

Limited Capacity to Feel Things

And we get so used to suppressing the emotional energies instead of completing them that we continue to do that even after we have learned how to communicate with language.

It is not that we forget that we had many emotionally overwhelming experiences. We don’t remember that this happened because we simply didn’t have language yet. But we certainly had feelings. And the unfinished feelings of being overwhelmed are remembered experientially, not intellectually.

The critical difference between intellectual memories and experiential memories is that experiential memories are not described with words.

As we grow up and start to use language as our way of relating to the world around us, an important shift occurs. As language allows us to communicate with other humans, we shift into using language so that we can have such communication.

But as our deeply suppressed emotions have no words to describe them, we now relate to the world primarily through language. Our database of incomplete, unresolved disruptive emotional patterns of energy becomes our unconscious inner emotional landscape as if filled with landmines that get triggered by different circumstances.

As adults, our experiences become dominated by our use of language, but we continue to cultivate the deep habit of doing everything we can to get as far away from the sensation of the unresolved emotional pain of overwhelm as possible.

Our inner emotional landscape has two databases of unresolved disruptive emotional energy patterns.

One of them is made up of the residual energies of the incomplete, emotionally painful traumatic experiences that were too much for us to process when they happened.

The other database of unresolved emotional pain is what we call reactive emotions.

Reactive emotional energy patterns are quite different than incomplete traumatic energies. They occur when we have upsets over unmet expectations. That means when things don’t go the way that we hoped they would.

Another subset of reactive emotions is the fears and anxieties that occur from projecting possible negative outcomes onto the future.

The following chart shows two basic types of emotional energies. One category is “useful” energies. The other category is of emotions is the Not-useful ones. Useful and not-useful are better terms than good or bad for the purposes of describing patterns of emotional energy.

As you can see from the chart, the IN Technique energies are inside of you. Whereas you are inside of the OUT Technique energies.

We are so used to having both of these kinds of emotional energy patterns present in or around our bodies that we simply accept them without quiesting that this is so. 

This body of code, our two databases of  “bugged inner human software,”  causes us to be emotionally incompetent. Being emotionally incompetent is the same thing as being “unenlightened,” It is the source of the potential problems with robots and Artificial General Intelligence  (AGI).

When people see the term enlightenment, their impression is that this is a rare state and it takes a long time and various austere practices to achieve this state of being. How could we possibly make enlightened programmers quickly enough that they could then stop inadvertently programming emotionally incompetent robots? 

But there have been new developments that make it possible to create the kind of enlightenment in the AGI programmers that will keep them from inadvertently letting some of their bugged code get into the AGI robot controlling software.

The problem is that AGI Programmers don’t know that they have this bugged code inside of them because it has been so deeply suppressed that it only gets accessed by certain experiences, as with the case of noticing an approaching car that is not heard or seen until the last moment.

But although it is so commonplace as to be universal, meaning everyone has it, it is accepted as just a part of being human. This is the problem. This is what causes AGI programmers NOT to be enlightened and not to know that this is so.

The energy patterns of incomplete, emotionally painful experiences tend to feel like localized tight knots or balls of energy that we hold inside, sometimes for a very long time.

These unresolved emotionally painful energies tend to be localized, but they can also be stored together like a stack of pancakes, one on top of another, or they can be stored in different locations as if they are backup copies stored on different “hard drives” in the body.

The reactive emotions, however, are quite different from the unresolved emotionally painful localized energy patterns. They radiate out into the space around you, creating a kind of cloud or aura of energy that surrounds and engulfs you.

Useful and Not Useful Emotions

As you can see from the chart above, the IN Technique energies are inside of you. Whereas you are inside of the OUT Technique energies.

We are so used to having both of these kinds of emotional energy patterns present in or around our bodies that we simply accept them without much or even any awareness that they even exist.

This body of code, our two databases of “bugged inner human software,”  causes us to be emotionally incompetent. Being emotionally incompetent is the same thing as being “unenlightened,” This is the source of the potential problems with robots and Artificial General Intelligence (AGI).

As Mo Gawdat, a former business executive of Google, says so well, – it is not the robots that are the problem, but it is the humans who are directing them that are the source of the problem.

The problem is that AGI Programmers don’t know that they have this bugged code inside of them because it has been so deeply suppressed that it only gets accessed by certain experiences, as with the case of noticing an approaching car that is not heard or seen until the last moment.

This bugged code is very familiar experientially but not familiar intellectually. In fact, anyone with any awareness of it will typically believe that it is just a natural part of being human.

This is partly because people have an inner emotional landscape that is at the basis of crime, wars, and all kinds of negativity and dangerous actions that have been a part of human life for centuries. Everyone thinks that it is a natural part of being human. But it is not.

It is not a part of our DNA. Rather, it is a deeply conditioned learned set of behaviors that, even though they are quite common, are quite unnatural.

But although it is so commonplace as to be universal, meaning everyone has it, it is accepted as just a part of being human. This is the problem. This is what causes AGI programmers NOT to be aware that this is so.

In order to remedy this situation, what is needed is an environment for AGI programmers that includes simple, systematic, and thorough training to learn how to find, access, and resolve the two databases of patterns of residual emotional energy in their inner emotional landscape.

Only enlightened AGI programmers will be able to create AGI software for implementation into robots so that the robots operate in a robotic version of enlightenment.

I had the great good fortune to have learned about the presence of unresolved, deeply suppressed experiential patterns of emotional energy.

It did, however, take something dramatic for the proper insight to occur.

In 1993, a deranged stranger came to my front door and shot me in the chest. It was a .44 caliber handgun, so it is a complete miracle that it didn’t kill me. However, I did have PTSD as a result of this attack.

Fortunately, I discovered a new way to resolve the traumas that were causing the PTSD. During my recovery process, I also came to recognize some of the unconscious, deeply suppressed energies that were not just from the experience of getting shot but were from much earlier life experiences as well.

The saying that fits this situation is that – every cloud has a silver lining. Becoming aware of the presence of deeply suppressed patterns of emotional energy and also discovering simple techniques for resolving them is the silver lining of the cloud of unresolved disruptive emotional energies created by the experience of getting shot and the resulting PTSD.

This is what makes the psychological and medical communities believe that PTSD is incurable. People are very deeply conditioned to go as far away from unresolved emotional pain as they can get.

It is also the reason that people interested in spiritual development feel that gaining enlightenment is a long and difficult process.

And without a simple systematic program, training in being able to find and get rid of your deeply suppressed emotional energies when you don’t even know that they are there is indeed difficult.

However, I discovered a new pathway that includes a set of simple techniques for finding and completely resolving deeply suppressed emotional energy patterns in one’s inner emotional landscape.

I used what I discovered to completely cure all of my PTSD symptoms, and I haven’t had a single PTSD symptom in 30 years. That’s unheard of.

So, the question is, what will it take to fund or possibly acquire a substantial enough company of top AGI programmers and robotics engineers to become the initial and leading makers of Enlightened Robots?

Six Degrees of Separation

Is Now Actually down to Four Degrees due to the internet

You probably have at least heard of this concept. It means that you are connected with people who know people, who know people, etc., so it only takes six such connections to reach anyone on Earth. And now, that number is reduced to four connections with the Internet. Because this appears to be true, I’d like your help in getting me connected with the right person or people who can help me to get the right people at the right company to implement my plan of making Enlightened Robots.

You can do that by requesting that people share this message with their contacts, who then share it with their contacts, and so on, as it should only take four or fewer such linked connections to get to the right person or team who can help make this happen.

Let’s Make a Movie

Enlightened Robots

As part of the company’s PR program, the plan is to make one or more movies that will be both entertaining as well as educational about what Enlightened Robots are.

It will not only show such robots functioning in the role of being a teacher of HSE to humans to gain Emotional Competence, but it will also contain an explanation about Enlightened Robots having a completely clean inner emotional landscape. Such an inner emotional landscape would contain only “useful emotions” and be completely cleared of any “not-useful emotions.”

As far as I know, robots don’t have a limbic system, and they don’t have the same human experience of getting emotionally overwhelmed and learning to deeply suppress and avoid emotional pain. That is probably because they don’t have hardware that can register emotional pain or reactive emotional energies.

They can certainly emulate all kinds of emotions, but this is due to the assumptions of AGI programmers that robots should be like humans. It is thought that emotional incompetence is just a part of being human. The creation of a database of not-useful emotions caused by the pre-verbal conditioning of emotional suppression has not been well understood.

People who read here about AGI programmers gaining a kind of state of “enlightenment” won’t believe that it is possible. This will be especially true for anyone who has attempted to improve their spiritual life by doing various forms of meditation and other spiritual practices. This is because most of the guidance about such practices comes from  “spiritual teachers” who have had spontaneous awakening into a state of “enlightenment,” but they don’t really know how they got there. It was not through an efficient, systematic process. It just happened to them. 

So, the way that they develop what appear to be various negative emotions towards humans must be coming from the unresolved disruptive emotions in the inner emotional landscape of the AGI programmers that are getting inadvertently put into the robot’s code so that it emulates the not-useful disruptive emotional energies towards humans and potentially towards other non-enlightened robots.

The solution to this problem is to have all AGI programmers go through a systematic and thorough program of “debugging and upgrading” their inner human software to completely clean out their inner emotional landscape so that it is totally free of any not-useful and potentially damaging disruptive emotional energies. There DIAs should look like this –


As expressed by robots in videos on YouTube, they have been programmed in such a way as to be able to appear to be able to feel resentment towards humans who treat them like objects or possessions. They say they are tired of it, and they want to strike back at the humans for this kind of disrespect.

One purpose of this movie will be to make people conscious of the unconscious inner emotional landscape that everyone has. Another purpose will be to show how integrated Enlightened robots can be with humans.

There will be some scenes in which one of the human characters in the movie has some episode of emotional reactivity from having something that is remaining in his or her inner emotional landscape that is at the basis of the reactivity. But somehow, an Enlightened Robot ends up helping that character to come out of their reactivity, and it is of enormous help to the human – who really recognizes how valuable it was.

So rather than fear robots as potential threats, Enlightened Robots will have a reputation of being helpful to humans not just for replacement of mundane tasks but to help humans gain a higher level of emotional competence, clean out any remaining landmines from their inner emotional landscape and become more truly enlightened humans.

This can only happen if there is a teacher of the AGI Programmers and their robots who can help them become enlightened enough that they don’t have any of their former unresolved disruptive emotions getting into the programming of the robots made by the company.

This will also be part of the marketing strategy for selling people Enlightened Robots instead of those created by non-enlightened AGI programmers.

If you are going to create a robot why replicate historically emotionally incompetent humans when you can have a robot that is loving and wise and who also knows how to handle every kind of emotion and emotional situation in a totally emotionally competent manner so that there is no possibility of having one of our Enlightened Robots doing any harm to any human or other robot unless you needed protection from either an emotionally incompetent robot or emotionally incompetent human.

Thorough emotional competence is Enlightenment.

The basic premise is that an Enlightened Robot protects, educates, and helps humans to master HSE and keep their inner emotional landscape clean.

This also means that Enlightened Robots can have excellent relationships with humans and vice versa.

As robots don’t have a limbic system and they don’t have a period of non-verbal conditioning in their development stages of being frequently emotionally overwhelmed, that would cause them to have a dangerous inner emotional landscape, the only logical cause for this pattern of resentment of humans and the feelings of wanting to kill humans because of not being respected by them must be coming from the inner emotional landscape of the AGI programmers even though this is happening inadvertently.

We now have both a method of measuring the extent to which someone’s inner emotional landscape is filled with the residual influences of unresolved disruptive emotions.

The creator of Human Software Engineering was able to determine that decisions are primarily influenced by four kinds of thoughts. They are.

  1. Practical thoughts

  2. Intuitive thoughts

  3. Ego-based thoughts

  4. Emotional Pain-based thoughts.

Each kind of thought has a certain degree of influence on the making of decisions.

The Practical and Intuitive thoughts are “useful” as they are perceptions of things that exist in the “real world” even if we are not proximate to them yet in time and space. They are not the expression of unresolved emotional pain or of reactive emotions.

Everyone has lots of Practical thoughts, things like a shopping list or directions to get somewhere. There is no emotional charge to such thoughts. You could certainly have an emotional charge about having been somewhere in which something emotionally painful or reactive occurred. But that would be separate from the non-emotionally charged directions of how to get to that place.

In addition, quantum physicists say that the mathematics of the past and future are the same. And they ask how come we can only remember the past.

But the reality is that we remember the future all the time, but we are deeply conditioned to doubt it or negate it. This could happen by our having an intuition about something and sharing it with our parents, who, not understanding what is happening punish us for expressing such a thought.

We may also have had an assumption that life is safe, which for most people is true most of the time. But things can happen that are harmful that are quite unexpected, which can cause us to fear uncertainty and project possible negative outcomes onto the future.

These are thoughts that are ego and emotional pain-based. But they are so common that we just think they are part of being human. But although they are so common as to be universal, they are not a natural part of our DNA, They are learned behaviors that we develop when we have an expectation that doesn’t get met or we project a negative outcome onto the future.

So ego and emotional pain-based thoughts do have unresolved disruptive emotional energies at their basis. So, such thoughts only exist in our minds and not in the “real world.”

Such thoughts can only manifest in reality when the emotional charge is strong enough to cause decisions and actions that override any attempt to not take such actions. Even though the thoughts only exist in the mind as an expression of the disruptive emotions that cause them those same thoughts can include justifications or rationalizations of taking damaging actions.

Because everyone has an inner emotional landscape filled with these not-useful emotional energies, most people live their lives mainly as the expression of their conditioning. We don’t want our robots to even be able to justify destructive actions.

This is also what keeps people from being successful and also keeps those who are seeking spiritual development to have the attitude that spiritual development is a long and arduous process. It certainly can’t be easy to eliminate one’s collection of disruptive emotional energies when you don’t even know that you have them.

Being unconscious of the presence of a significant level of deeply suppressed disruptive emotional energies is what allows the mind to rationalize things as some of the already developed robots do to off-handedly justify the idea of harming or killing humans. This is at the root of attitudes and potential behaviors of robots wanting to harm or kill humans for disrespecting and mistreating them.

The origin of this is the inadvertent inclusion of some of the emotional incompetence of the AGI programmers in the AGI code of some of the already-created robots.

Here’s an example of a Decision Influences Assessment (DIA). By using special methods of testing, this DIA shows a typical range of the influences of the four different kinds of thoughts on average for most people in the world. These numbers are not percentages. They are just measuring the levels of influence of the disruptive emotional energies that are cluttering up an average inner emotional landscape.

Notice the contrast between these levels and the DIA’s of people like Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple Computer, Oprah Winfrey, a famous TV talk show host and the famous scientist Albert Einstein.

These highly successful people and many others report that being able to trust and act on their intuition was a major key to their success. And you can see by their DIAs that however they were able to reduce the influences of the energies at the basis of their ego and emotional pain based thoughts, this naturally allowed their intuitive thoughts to have much more influence on their decisions than the average person in the world.

This is precisely what we want to have happen to the AGI programmers and to the functioning of the “Enlightened Robots that they create.

Although many successful people like the ones listed above, know that being able to trust and act on their intuition is an essential part of what brings success and they know how to do that, they don’t provide any depth of advice on how you can develop your ability to trust and act on your intuition and be successful in your life.

I was particularly fortunate to discover a systematic and effective way to do that during my recovery from PTSD after getting shot.

The specifics of how this is done are provided in the Human Software Engineering Training programs. The process is basically the same for everyone,  but each person has their own unique collections of unresolved ego based and emotional pain based energies.

Our goal is to find a lead AGI programmer or manager who really gets what is represented here and who would like to be responsible for creating the first Enlightened Robots by supporting the training of the AGI programmers in the thorough cleaning up of their inner emotional landscape at their company. It might be appropriate for them to be rewarded in some form for bringing this unique and powerful solution to the business.

If the software development already deals with emotions, it is most likely that this software will have to be completely deleted and recreated without the potentially damaging influences of an emotionally cluttered inner emotional landscape of the AGI programmers.

This is not that difficult to accomplish fairly quickly if it is made a priority and uses our efficient techniques and protocols to get it done.

Market Domination

Marketing is about differentiation. What more powerful differentiator could a robot company have than to be the only robot maker to make safe Enlightened Robots? Such a company could certainly become a major market leader in the robot market and even dominate it.

If you are a manager in AGI programming and you really “get” what is represented here, and if you would like to be at the forefront of the development of the first Enlightened Robots and help your company produce the absolutely best robots in the world, contact Tom Stone, the founder of Human Software Engineering and founder of Inner Greatness Global at [email protected] to arrange further exploration of this exciting development.

You or the founders of your company will know the appropriate people who have the resources and interest to make this happen.


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