Emotional Competence Assessment

Emotional Competence Assessment

Preparation and Orientation

As you will see from reading the assessment statements and responses they have a graduated scale from very positive to very negative. People who are emotionally competent score high on the positive end of the scale. People who are emotionally incompetent (which includes virtually everyone) score lower in varying degrees.

In rating yourself you may have a tendency to be somewhat biased because of some of your conditioning. For example you may want to “look good” and so you may answer by selecting responses that are actually better than what you really experience. Or you may be suffering from low self-esteem and so you may answer with responses that are lower than what you actually experience.

We invite you to be as aware of these tendencies as possible as you go through the assessment and be as honest with your answers as possible.

Because of this tendency to possibly bias your answers your score may be somewhat inaccurate, however if you do your best to make truthful selections the assessment can be valuable for giving you a sense of how you are doing with competence regarding your emotions. It can also help to provide a new awareness of where you are in your emotional development.

People who are more emotionally competent experience more peace and wholeness in their life. They feel more fulfilled and are more successful. They are very present and usually have excellent lives in just about every respect, better health, better financial status, better sense of purpose and fulfillment with their work or business life, better relationships with family, friends, business associates… everyone. They enjoy life vastly more than people who are emotionally incompetent.

Developing a higher degree of emotional competence is probably the best and most important thing you can do to improve the quality of your over all life experience. As you gain more emotional competence you stop reacting to life from your conditioned and reactive habits. Those drop away.

As you gain higher degrees of emotional competence you will experience the qualities of your own awareness more and more richly present in your life. These qualities include: presence, peace, creativity, powerful self-expression, sense of purpose, a feeling of connectedness, wholeness, oneness, fulfillment and deep satisfaction. You become someone who responds to the needs of each moment with the fullness of your being.

When you have responded to all of the 16 situations described in the assessment you will be taken to the results page where we have a scale of emotional competence from low to high. You will see where you are on that scale and this will give an indication of to what extent you are living as the expression of your reactive emotions or to what extent you are living from the presence of Pure Awareness and responding to life from your inner greatness instead of from your conditioned responses.

So be as honest as possible with your answers. Once you get the result we will also provide you with options of what to do to upgrade your level of emotional competence so that you can start to enjoy life and be more and more successful on every level. We hope that you will find this exercise to be insightful and useful in supporting your personal development.

The Inner Greatness Emotional Competence Assessment

Select the answer that is the closest description of how you most commonly respond under the described circumstances.

[assessment name=’Emotional Competence’ scores=’6.25,5.13,4,2.88,1.75,0.5′]

@ When people talk about feeling the energy of an emotion in or around their body…
– I completely understand what this means and I’m already quite good at doing this. I do it consistently.
– I get the idea that emotions have energy and I think I feel the energy but I don’t like to do that and try to avoid it
– It’s difficult for me to understand the difference between the emotion and it’s energy
– I certainly feel the energy of my emotions but they often overwhelm me and make me cry
– I have tried to feel the energy of emotions in or around my body but I can’t seem to do that
– I have no idea what it means to feel the energy of an emotion

@ When I have an experience that is emotionally painful…
– I immediately fully feel and completely resolve the energy of my emotional reaction to what has just happened
– I let myself gradually recover and get over it
– I try to figure out why this happened to me or I talk about it with someone
– After crying I feel somewhat better but when I think of it, it is still painful
– I get overwhelmed by the intensity of the emotion and I cry
– I do my best to ignore the feelings so that I don’t have to feel the pain

@ When I have an intuition about something my most common response is…
– I clearly experience that this is my intuition and I trust it and follow it every single time.
– I sometimes discover later that my intuition was correct and I wished that I would have followed it
– I recognize that this is an intuitive thought but I don’t trust my intuition so I don’t take action on it
– I have difficulty in knowing what is an intuitive thought and what is wishful thinking
– I typically doubt my intuition and rarely act on it
– I’m not intuitive at all

@ I feel that I am judgmental of myself and others…
– Never
– Occasionally
– Sometimes
– Often
– Most of the time
– Always

@ Regarding addictions like drinking, smoking, taking recreational drugs, compulsive eating or other compulsive behaviors…
– I have resolved any emotional pain well enough that I don’t feel any need to self-medicate by using such behaviors or substances
– I notice when I am getting stressed in ways that used to cause me to self-medicate with addictive behaviors. I’m pretty good at resolving these stresses as they come along so that they don’t accumulate and drive me back into old addictive behaviors.
– I might have some bad habits but I don’t consider them to be addictions.
– I’m aware that I’m addicted and I’ve tried various things to recover from the addiction but so far nothing has really helped long term.
– I may have some addictions but I am probably denying that I do by rationalizing my behavior as necessary and OK.
– I have a serious addiction problem.

@ I have a tendency to look for a sense of approval and acceptance from others
– Never
– Rarely
– Occasionally
– Sometimes
– Often
– Constantly

@ When I am involved in an intimate relationship with someone I feel that I have to give them a lot of love and attention in order to get loved in return.
– Never
– Rarely
– Occasionally
– Sometimes
– Often
– Constantly

@ I like certain things in my life to stay the same. This gives me a sense of stability and security.
– This is not an issue for me
– I rarely do this
– I occasionally do this
– Sometimes
– Often
– Constantly

@ I have major projects that if I were to follow through with them they would be powerful expressions of my unique talents and abilities such as writing a book or starting a business, etc. I work on and complete these kinds of projects and get them out into the world:
– Always
– Often
– Sometimes
– Occasionally, but other things always seem to be more important
– Rarely – I don’t have enough time for that
– Never

@ I try to make life show up the way that I want it to:
– Never
– Rarely
– Occasionally
– Sometimes
– Often
– Constantly

@ I am open-minded. I am open to seeing things in new ways and to adapting my way of doing things in the world. This is easy for me and I don’t feel threatened by being open to new ways of seeing or doing things.
– I do this whenever it comes up
– I do this often
– Sometimes
– Occasionally
– Rarely
– Never

@ When my expectations are not met and what I wanted to have happen or not happen was really important to me I:
– Recognize that I made up a story about how I wanted life to show up and I immediately let it go and get on with my life
– I get upset for a short time and then get over it
– I feel disappointed, frustrated or angry for a long time
– I have a hard time getting over it
– I withdraw and get depressed
– I express my anger at others who I think were responsible

@ When there is a possibility of something negative happening in the future, even the near future…
– I stay calm and present and I don’t worry about the future
– I’m aware that it might happen or it might not happen but this intellectual understanding doesn’t help me that much
– I get concerned that something bad might indeed happen
– I get worried
– I get anxious
– I get quite afraid that it will happen even if it eventually doesn’t happen

@ Extremely disappointing things have happened to me in the past so…
– I let them go and return to a state of peace and a sense of wholeness
– I do my best to understand them and be at peace with them but they still effect me
– When I think about them I feel sad and disappointed
– I feel mildly depressed from time to time. I tend to mostly stay at home and don’t get out much
– I feel very depressed most of the time
– I feel like my life is over and sometimes have suicidal thoughts

@ I have had some traumatic or very emotionally painful experiences so…
– I have resolved the residual influence of these experiences and even though they happened they no longer have any impact on me.
– I don’t recall having had any such experiences
– When there’s a sudden loud noise I’m jumpy and have a startle response
– I’ve been told that I have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and that I’m going to have to just learn how to live with it. I’m doing my best to do that but it’s tough.
– I am very anxious and I’m constantly checking to see that the doors and windows of my house are locked. I’m a prisoner in my own home.
– I have terrible nightmares every night and don’t get much sleep

@ I feel a deep sense of peace inside of myself and also a deep sense of oneness with everything…
– This is true for me all the time
– I have had glimpses of such experiences and I wish it were true for me all the time
– I have accessed such experiences during meditation practices but I don’t experience that peace when I am actively involved in my life
– I’ve read about this kind of experience but I only have a vague sense of it even though it sounds like something I’d like to have
– I like to be active and dynamic. I’m more interested in experiences that are exciting and engaging rather than just being peaceful
– I don’t feel peaceful at all and I feel quite separate from everyone and everything

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