Emotional Competence Assessment Result

Inner Greatness Emotional Competence Scale

100 Living Emotional Mastery all the time – life is wonderful
90 Highly emotionally competent, clear thinking and decisions, quite happy life
80 Good level of emotional competence and mostly clear thinking and decisions
70 Modestly emotionally competent – still making some decisions from conditioned responses
60 Somewhat emotionally competent – makes many decisions from conditioned responses
50 Some basic emotional competence – mostly still makes decisions from reactive emotions
40 Often gets caught in the grip of emotions. Fairly low level of emotional competence
30 Mostly living from reactive emotions and conditioning
20 Quite emotionally incompetent with lots of reactive emotions dominating my life
10 Lost to traumas and/or addictions – minimal emotional competence
0 No emotional competence – pretty miserable life
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