Chelsea Hanson – Transform Grief into Joy

Chelsea’s demo session is a good case of someone who was not really aware that residual grief was effecting her life. She did have a suspicion that she might have some residual grief which is why she asked about having a demo. Her parents had died long ago. Her mom had died about 21 years ago and her dad had died when she was only 4 years old which as of now was more than 40 years ago. We had used Intuition Testing to determine that there was still some residual grief that was still effecting her life and that it would be very good to find and resolve it. So we did the session with that as the intention. It went very well and we did manage to find an resolve some old energy patterns of grief still held in her system after all of these years. This is consistent with the findings of the ACE Study that found that these kinds of Adverse Childhood Experiences do not tend to just self-heal over time like many physical health challenges do. Here’s the video recording of Chelsea’s follow up call and the video of her original session demo session –

And the video of the initial demo session –


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