Learn How to Experience Everything in Life as Perfect

Yes, even heartbreaks, failures, and diseases. (Hint: It’s NOT “Positive Thinking” or Decades of Therapy

It’s a systematic way of getting to and resolving the hidden energies
that are the cause of all ego and emotional-pain-based thinking.

It’s a systematic way of getting to and resolving the hidden energies that are the cause of all ego and emotional-pain-based thinking.

More people are starting to wake up.


I have noticed that more and more people are making a transition from living mainly as the product of their conditioning to starting to experience that what they really are is the limitlessness of Pure Awareness.

Your essential nature permeates the total vastness of the whole universe. It even includes unmanifested stars, galaxies, planets, animals, plants, and these strange things called humans.

Because the vast majority of people have spent all of their lives living as the product of their conditioning, they have a “self-definition” that is made up of all the stories about their life experiences, and it seems to them like the composite of these stories is what they are.

But this is not what you are. This artificial self-definition creates a feeling of “who” you are that is not real. And this creates a sense of separation from others and the reality that your essential nature as awareness actually permeates the entire universe.

This artificial feeling of ‘separation from the world around you’ is often called ego. 

Making choices based on illusions is never a good choice.

Making ego-based choices leads to a lot of suffering. For example, if your ego believes you must become a partner at a law firm, you spend years trying to make it that far, even if this job doesn’t fit you. That will give you a lot of stress and a feeling that you’re wasting your life.

Or maybe your ego believes that you must keep your relationship going because you’re afraid of being alone. As a result, you might stay with the wrong husband or wife for too long and always be unhappy.

So ego ruins our decisions. It leads to costly mistakes.

But there is another way of making decisions, and that is by following your intuitive thoughts. Intuitive thoughts are a way of ‘remembering the future’

Our bodies and minds have an excellent feeling for the flow of life and where the developments in your life are going. We can align ourselves with this flow and make the right decisions by listening to our intuitive thoughts.

The problem is that when your inner emotional landscape is cluttered with lots of unresolved, hidden disruptive emotions, they tend to cloud the picture and create the doubting of your intuition.


Because of this, you tend to fear the possible consequences of acting on your intuition instead of what you are used to, which is acting on your conditioned responses. This is the main obstacle to people’s spiritual development.

You might feel stuck here if you are still reading this page. You may have read about the experiences of people who have had a spontaneous experience of full awakening. Hearing about such people is inspiring, but it can also be frustrating because there doesn’t seem to be any clear guidance for how to start living in the continuous experience of wholeness yourself.

This is how I can help. 

Hi, I'm Tom Stone.

Hi, I'm Tom Stone.

I found a systematic way of getting to and resolving the hidden energies that are the cause of our ego and emtional-pain-based thinking and I’m eager to help you. 

In 1993 I was shot in the chest by a deranged stranger with a powerful handgun. My doctor told me my chance of survival was one in a million. 

I was still alive and heavily traumatized. I had all the PTSD symptoms, like nightmares, flashbacks, hypervigilance, startle response, and more.

According to mainstream psychology, I just had to learn to live with this. But I didn’t accept that. I wanted to find a solution.

In 1997, I made a revolutionary discovery. I discovered the IN technique and I finally found a way to resolve my own suppressed emotional pain. I resolved the trauma from the shooting incident, and the PTSD symptoms. 

As you go through the awakening process, you discover that your idea of who you are is not real but is an illusion.

As your inner emotional landscape gets cleaner and cleaner from doing, what we call, Freedom Practice regularly, you will start living in Pure Awareness more and more of the time.

You will notice that you have fewer thoughts and will be distinguishing your practical and intuitive thoughts as very different from your ego and emotional-pain-based thoughts.

We just want to make this distinction consistently and efficiently so that living in the continuous experience of Wholeness, Pure Awareness is always present.

Together, we will delve into identifying and releasing conditioned patterns, deeply suppressed emotions, and hidden beliefs about yourself and the world that obstruct you from experiencing everything as perfect. 

Resolving these emotions and ego-based thoughts is very valuable and liberating, but this process can also be confronting. It requires the courage to face things within yourself that you’d maybe rather not see. So please only schedule a call if you feel ready and willing to do that.

If you sense that this is right for you, it’s very likely your intuition is talking to you. 

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What Jack Canfield Says

“I am truly grateful to Tom for his help in my life, and I am certain that his pioneering work will help many others in a profound way.”

– Jack Canfield, Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul

What Real Clients Say About the Techniques

"These techniques have made me realize that the identify I once thought defined me was merely an illusion and that I am so much grander than the smallness I identified with."
"After my first session, I felt more calm, more centered, more grounded, then I had felt ever before in my entire life. It's been two years and these techniques are the only ones I use."

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