The Evolution of Human Software Engineering

The Evolution of HSE 

Over the years the language used for HSE has gone through some changes for various reasons. For example, the acronyms that were used for the Pure Awareness Techniques such as – CORE – Center of Remaining Energy, and SEE – Side Entrance Expansion, and GAP – Greater Awareness Place, etc. were found to be a bit problematic when trying to teach the techniques with translation into different languages.

Human Software Engineering was a language that was more technical and focused on the technical processes. Many people did like the computer analogy and it is still a valid language for describing what this work is. It was also tied very much to the use of the WaveMaker Pro, an earlier version of the Quantum Energy Optimizer.

From some years the focus shifted more from the use of the device to putting the emphasis on using the techniques and gaining more Emotional Competence. So for a few years I called it Emotional Mastery Training (EMT). This version focused more on the idea of helping people resolve their emotional pain and reactive emotions and learn how to handle their emotions. It was about learning how to clean up your inner emotional landscape from the accumulation of past unresolved emotions and also keeping it clean by knowing how to resolve new emotional challenges right when they come up, which they do and will certainly continue to do in everyone’s life. So I changed the names of the techniques and other aspects of the tools and models to the EMT terminology.

Recently a new version of the WaveMaker Pro technology mentioned above called the Quantum Energy Optimizer (QEO) was developed specifically to be used in a network of centers where people can use the combination of the Pure Awareness Techniques and the QEO together. I found that the best results come from using this combination of both technologies as this allows us to get rid of all 4 Fundamental Energy Patterns of Human Problems. So with this integration of the QEO with the Pure Awareness Techniques the work went through an additional name change with further simplified language to also make it even easier for translation. I found that this is the most comprehensive and effective way to get rid of the barriers that block people from the fullest expression of their full potential. The new centers are called Inner Greatness Centers and we are opening them all over the world starting in China and the USA. The first 10 centers are open in China and the first one is about to open in the USA.

So HSE is now called Inner Greatness Optimizing (IGO). The following is a chart comparing the terms used for the techniques and models for each of these generations of the evolution of and naming of these different aspects of this work. The underlying concepts, tools, techniques and models are fundamentally the same. There have been some refinements but mainly it is just the names that have changed.


As IGO continues to evolve and grow this web site will be the new portal for information about what’s happening. This rebirth of HSE in the form of IGO is designed to support the fulfillment of my person mission which is to remove the pain of the world and to support people in becoming the fullest expression of their inner greatness that they can be.

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The applications of the techniques are now available in several categories. You can check them out after joining the site via the introductory pages to each category –

If you are new to IGO then you are fortunate to have discovered a body of knowledge and technologies that make it possible to now solve problems that have been difficult or impossible to solve and to upgrade the quality of your life with IGO’s amazing new technologies.

If you are coming back to this work regardless of if you became involved with HSE, EMT or IGO the same warm welcome to you. We hope everyone will enjoy the free resources on this site and to become involved with Inner Greatness Optimizing in whatever ways fit for you.

Wishing for you that you get the maximum benefit of this work so that you can live and enjoy the fullness of your Inner Greatness, really make your unique contribution that you are here to give to the world and have the best possible life that you can live.


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