The QUIETNESS Technique

This technique is the simplest way of experiencing Pure Awareness. It’s really very easy. The technique is done by simply directing your awareness to notice itself, your essential nature, which is the silent background in which all of your thoughts and perceptions occur.

One of the best ways to learn the QUIETNESS Technique is to use our innovative Inner Guidance App. This is a unique way to guide yourself through the individual audio instructions for doing the Pure Awareness Techniques at your own pace. This means that you listen to the first instruction, do what it guides you to do and have that part of the experience.

There is a big button on the screen that says START. When you click on it, it changes to the word NEXT and gives you the first audio instruction for the technique you are using the app for. The buttons are big enough that you can leave the mouse cursor right over it and continue to click on NEXT for each of the next audio instructions without having to open your eyes. It’s best to keep your eyes closed throughout the technique so that you don’t get distracted by your visual perceptions. If you are using a smart phone for the app you can tap the NEXT button with your thumb also without opening your eyes. Same for a tablet.  The app is on a responsive web site so it is accessible from your computer, smart phone or tablet.

The silent background in which your thoughts occur is called Pure Awareness. I suggest that you go use the Inner Guidance App to guide yourself through the QUIETNESS Technique now. With it, you can guide yourself through the process of simply closing your eyes, noticing your thoughts and then it will tell you how to start looking off to the side of your thoughts and noticing the background of silence in which your thoughts are occurring. Access to and use of the Inner Guidance Apps is completely free but you must be a member of this web site in order to gain access to it. If you are not already a member you can register here – Free Membership.

If you try the QUIETNESS Technique and you don’t seem to experience the silent background in which your thoughts occur it is usually because you are having lots of thoughts, so many thoughts that it doesn’t seem like there is any silent background.

You are probably experiencing it but you may have an expectation that you will experience “something”. This is because all day long we are constantly experiencing “things”. We are not at all used to experiencing the emptiness of our own awareness. So if you are expecting to experience a “thing” then you will be looking for that and won’t experience your awareness. It will be too busy looking for a “thing.”

Pure Awareness is not a “thing.” It’s just the silence in which all of your experiences happen. It’s an expansive peaceful experience but unlike the experience of any “object of experience” like a thought or feeling or visual perception. It’s just silence.

It also may be that you got the idea that when you experience Pure Awareness that you will stay in that experience for an extended period of time. That’s not how it works. In the beginning, you typically only get short glimpses of Pure Awareness because other thoughts will come along and grab your attention. You’ll become absorbed in thinking thoughts again. And it will seem to you that you didn’t experience the silence of Pure Awareness because you had expected either to stay in it for longer or you expected it to be like every other experience and be like a thought or feeling or visual image.

Although most people do experience Pure Awareness when they do the QUIETNESS Technique, even on the first try, it can also happen that you can be so caught up in an emotional reaction that there just doesn’t seem to be any silence inside of you at all. Or if it is just that you are having lots of thoughts, so many of them, that there doesn’t seem to be any silent background, the first thing you can try is to make a slight change in the way that you experience the thoughts.

Normally people become quite engaged with their thoughts. This means you get a bit lost to your thoughts. You become absorbed in them. Try this – try going through the QUIETNESS Technique Inner Guidance App experience again and just observing your thoughts from a little bit of a distance from them. You can do that by just for the moment not being concerned about the meaning or content of the thoughts. Just sort of observe them from a “distance.”

If you’re distracted by having an emotional reaction you may have expected things to turn out a certain way but they didn’t, this can cause you to be a bit caught up in being upset about that, angry, disappointed, sad or frustrated. Or you might be projecting the possibility of some negative outcome onto the future and you are experiencing anxiety or fear that something bad might happen. If any of these things are happening it can certainly seem that the background of silence is overshadowed by these reactive emotions and all of the thoughts that they create. Having lots of thoughts is actually a side effect of having lots of unresolved disruptive emotions.

The QUIETNESS Technique is now available in both male and female voices and will also soon be available in different languages. Here are the links to the different versions of the Inner Guidance App for the QUIETNESS Technique.

The QUIETNESS Technique – English Female

The QUIETNESS Technique – English Male

The QUIETNESS Technique -Mandarin Female (coming soon)

The QUIETNESS Technique – Mandarin Male (coming soon)

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