The OUT Technique

How to Come Out of the Grip of Reactive Emotions

The OUT Technique

When you are caught in the grip of an emotional reaction you won’t feel like you have access to that silent background in which your thoughts occur. The reaction will tend to really engage your full attention. But you are so used to it that you think this kind of reaction is just normal. It isn’t. It may be quite common place and everyone has this happen a lot but it is not normal. It’s just a deeply conditioned response.

There’s a new technique for extracting yourself from being lost to an emotional reaction like this. It is called the OUT Technique. In the earlier language of Human Software Engineering it was called the SEE TechniqueSEE stands for Side Entrance Expansion. I have used this term in some of my previous books so that’s why I mention it here.

It’s a technique for very quickly and directly experiencing the contrast between first being lost to your emotion and then being in Pure Awareness. People say that it seems like magic. They never before experienced coming out of a reactive emotion so quickly and thoroughly. It is so easy and fast to come out of the grip of an emotional reaction that it will amaze you too once you experience it. You will also recognize that your reaction was based on a story that you made up that wasn’t even real. It was about something that you were projecting on to the future that only existed in your mind, not in reality.

When you first start doing the OUT Technique you probably will not be used to allowing yourself to feel the feeling of the cloud of energy of the emotion. It will feel like a kind of cloud or aura of energy that radiates out from the body into the space around you. It’s kind of amazing that we can feel this cloud of energy even though it is outside the body but we can.

The OUT Technique energy fields feel quite different that the IN Technique energies. The IN Technique energies are more localized and internal. The OUT Technique energies are more diffused, more like a cloud or mist that surrounds and engulfs you.

The Inner Guidance App interactive audio guidance through the OUT Technique is now available in English in a female voice and the male voice version is coming soon. In addition, It will also soon be available in different languages. Mandarin Chinese will be the first language available in addition to English.

You will find the links to the different versions of the Inner Guidance App below but first read the next section that is labeled Important because… it is.


Preparation for using the OUT Technique Inner Guidance App

In order to use the OUT Technique you need to be able to feel one of your reactive emotional energy fields to use it on! Because the Pure Awareness Techniques are experiential, not intellectual, you have to be able to feel the sensation of the energy of some emotion in or around your body. Typically the OUT Technique emotional energies will radiate out into the space around you and will feel like cloud of energy that is all around you. OUT Technique energies are not as concentrated and localized as the IN Technique energies and they feel quite different from them.

But everyone is quite familiar with the sensations of OUT Technique energies. Every time you get upset when something doesn’t go the way that you want it too, or when you get disappointed, or frustrated or sad or even depressed, you are experiencing an OUT Technique energy cloud. Anxiety, worry and fear also typically have OUT Technique energy clouds.

Although you may have become good at avoiding feeling your emotions and going into your intellect to escape, never-the-less, the experience of many thousands of people who have learned to do the OUT Technique makes it clear that pretty much everyone can do this. If you find you are having trouble learning to do it here on the web, you can get help from an Inner Greatness Center Coach in-person at one of our Inner Greatness Centers or on line via video conferencing if you are not close to one of our centers. Use our on-line booking system here – Sessions.

Regarding being able to feel the energy of a reactive emotion, you very likely already know what I’m talking about. Everyone has reactive emotions. When someone doesn’t do what they said they would we can feel angry or disappointed. If something you want to have happen doesn’t happen… repeatedly, you can feel frustrated. If you are worried or anxious about something that might happen in the future then you know what anxiety feels like. Everyone has plenty of these kinds reactive emotions.

In order to be able to feel this kind of emotional energy you first have to make a decision that you are going to allow yourself to feel it. You have to consciously make this decision because you have been doing the exact opposite all your life. It’s pretty universal to do your best to avoid feeling this kind of emotion and you’ve been doing that since you were quite young.

So now, in order to use the OUT Technique to resolve one of these reactive, engulfing emotional energies, you have to decide that you are going to let yourself feel the energy field which is the experience of the sensation of the emotion. It’s OK to make this decision because, as amazing as it might seem to be, you are going to learn how to completely resolve this kind of emotion so that it is really gone and doesn’t come back. Most people are pretty amazed because they didn’t know that truly getting rid of this kind of emotional reaction is even possible. Certainly they never did it before and haven’t even heard of anyone ever doing it before now.

So be assured that it is completely safe to let yourself feel the sensation of these reactive emotions. And as you will very soon experience… it isn’t even that difficult. It just requires learning how to do the opposite of what we are used to doing. The beauty is that it really works!

So to access one of your reactive emotions you may have something you are well aware of that is still upsetting you. If so, just thinking about it will usually get you in touch with the sensation of the reactive energy cloud. Once you can feel it, click on the link below for either the female or male voice version of the technique (they are the same other than being in a female or male voice) and use the Inner Guidance App to guide yourself through the experience of resolving that one. Go at your own pace. Just click or tap the NEXT button of the App when you are ready for the next instruction. The buttons are big enough that you can leave the cursor over it or your thumb over it if you are on a smart phone or tablet. By hovering over the button you can easily click or tap for the next instruction even with your eyes closed. You’ll find that it is easiest to do the technique if you keep your eyes closed throughout the process.

If you find that you can’t get access to the emotional energy from just thinking about it, that’s OK we have a back up plan and one that works amazingly well. The LOCATE Technique is designed for just this kind of situation. So if you’re not getting any sensation of emotion by simply thinking of some situation that upset you or something that you are anxious about, go to the LOCATE Technique page and learn how to do it by using the LOCATE Inner Guidance App to guide yourself through it, As you will see, there are different version of the LOCATE Technique that prepare you for the IN Technique and OUT Technique.

Either way, as soon as you can feel the energy of a reactive, engulfing emotion, start the OUT Technique Inner Guidance App of your choice by clicking on the appropriate link below.

The OUT Technique is now available in the female voice version with the male version coming very soon. It will also soon be available in different languages. Here are the links to the different versions of the Inner Guidance App for the OUT Technique.

The OUT Technique – English Female

The OUT Technique – English Male

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