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How to resolve your old unresolved emotional pain

There are basically just 2 kinds of unresolved disruptive emotions that are simply not useful to us. Here’s a chart that explains the two types. It starts by making the distinction between Useful or Empowering Emotions like love, happiness and gratitude. Even fear and other emotions can be useful under certain circumstances.

The Useful emotions are distinct from Not-useful or disruptive emotions such as anger, fear, trauma, anxiety and depression. This chart explains about the basic types of emotions when we look at them from the perspective of energy rather than content.

When we are little we are easily emotionally overwhelmed. We have a delicate nervous system that doesn’t yet have the capacity to process many of the intense emotional experiences that we have as a very young human being. As a result we end up not completing many of our intense emotional experiences and these get stored in our body. These incomplete experiences become our “emotional baggage.” Everyone seems to have plenty of these and they produce a kind of screen or barrier between us and our natural experience of the presence of Pure Awareness.

The Pure Awareness Technique for resolving Painful emotions, incomplete emotional pain from the past is called the IN Technique. It is the most efficient way I have found for doing this.

The IN Technique

In our earlier Human Software Engineering language the technique for doing this is called The CORE Technique. CORE stands for Center Of Remaining Energy. It is a process of doing the opposite of what we are deeply conditioned to do. We are conditioned to go away from where the energy of emotional pain stored in the body is the most intense. During the IN Technique you dive right into the center of the most intense part of the energy of the incomplete emotional experience that is still held in your body.

Allowing yourself to feel into the most intense part of the energy of an incomplete experience of emotional intensity is VERY different than simply “feeling your feelings.” It is as different as a laser beam is from a flash light beam. Laser beams can be so powerful that they can cut through very hard materials. A flash light can penetrate the darkness but it doesn’t cut through anything. Like that the process of just feeling the energy of a feeling in your body is an inefficient way to complete incomplete intense emotional experiences.

The IN Technique however is laser like. It penetrates down into the heart of the most intense part of the energy of the incomplete experience. This allows you to rapidly and thoroughly complete the experience of the energy that is held there.

Imagine for a moment that all of your incomplete emotional pain from the past forms a layer of energy between you and the continuous experience of Pure Awareness. This layer of energy is like a layer of cheese between you and Pure Awareness. Each time you use the IN Technique to complete one of your incomplete intense emotional experiences it is like making a hole in the cheese. The cheese becomes more and more Swiss cheese like. The idea is to keep making holes in the Swiss cheese until it is all holes and no cheese. Then Pure Awareness shines through unobstructed.

There are two different ways of doing the IN Technique. The first way is to allow yourself to feel the strongest part of the energy field of the incomplete painful emotion. You let yourself feel the strongest area of the sensation of the energy field of the emotion which is usually right in the middle of the sensation. This is the opposite of what we are deeply conditioned to do. We are used to avoiding feeling emotional pain. But you will find that it isn’t so hard as it might seem.

As you feel it the intensity may seem to stay more or less the same for awhile but it will gradually soften and become less intense. When it does, you bring your awareness closer to whatever remains of the energy and again focus on the strongest area in the center.

Each time the energy gets software… get closer to it. Keep doing that until there’s nothing left to feel.

When you first start doing the IN Technique you will not yet be used to allowing yourself to feel the most intense part of the sensation of the emotion. In order to learn the 2nd way of doing the IN Technique you need to practice the first way of doing it for some time. The number of times you need to practice it will vary from person to person but with practice you will start to become more accustomed to feeling the strongest part of the energy field of the emotion.

This is necessary for learning to do the IN Technique the 2nd way. With many years of practicing doing the IN Technique the first way I discovered over time that every IN Technique energy has a kind of hurricane-like structure to it. And like a hurricane, there’s a vortex that runs down the middle of the eye. When you are noticing the central strongest area of the energy field it is as if you are looking at it from above it. It’s like looking at the hurricane-like structure from a satellite view.

The Second Way of Doing the IN Technique

The second way of doing the IN Technique is to get so close to the central strongest area of the energy field that you can find the opening at the top of the vortex that is the eye of the hurricane of the emotional energy field. This sometimes requires getting quite close to the central, most intense part of the sensation of the emotional energy.

So the reason to do the IN Technique the first way numerous times before trying the 2nd way is that you will become used to feeling the intensity of the emotional energy well enough that it won’t be a problem for you to get close enough to find the opening at the top of the Vortex. Once you do get close enough you have to get even closer so that the opening becomes big enough that you can dive in and glide down the vortex until you come out the bottom of the IN Technique energy field.

This 2nd way is usually quite a bit faster for completing the incomplete experience that the body is holding there. So it is very worthwhile to learn the 2nd way. But don’t be in a rush. Allow yourself some time to acclimate to being able to just be with the intensity of these emotional energies. And even after you get used to getting close enough that you can find the eye of the hurricane, sometimes you may not be able to find it and then of course you can just do the IN Technique the first way.

We have Inner Guidance App versions for both the 1st and 2nd ways of doing the IN Technique.

The IN Technique is now available in the female voice version for both the 1st and 2nd ways of doing it. The version is coming soon. In addition, It will also soon be available in different languages. Mandarin Chinese will be the first additional language in addition to English. Here are the links to the different versions of the Inner Guidance App for the 2 different versions of the IN Technique. Links will be updated as the additional versions become available. Read this next section of the page labeled “Important” because it is very important, actually it is essential to being able to correctly start to use the Inner Guidance App for the IN Technique.


Preparation for using the IN Technique Inner Guidance App

In order to use the IN Technique you need to have something to use it on! Because the Pure Awareness Techniques are experiential, not intellectual, you have to be able to feel the sensation of the energy of some emotion in or around your body. Typically the IN Technique emotional energies will be localized and will feel like a knot or ball of energy held inside somewhere.

You are already quite familiar with this kind of experience. Although you may have become very good at suppressing your emotional pain, you still know what I’m talking about. Everyone has emotionally painful things happen like someone we are close to dies, or we have a heartbreak over a broken relationship, or someone says or does something that really hurts our feeling.

Everyone has plenty of these kinds of old, incomplete, emotionally painful energies held in their body. They are often held toward the center of the body such as in the solar plexus, chest, heart area, belly, or throat. These are some of the common places where many people store their unresolved emotional pain energies, but they can be stored anywhere.

In order to be able to feel this kind of emotional energy you first have to make a decision that you are going to allow yourself to feel one of them. You have to consciously make this decision because you have been doing the exact opposite all your life. It’s pretty universal to do your best to avoid feeling this kind of emotional pain and you’ve been doing that since you were quite young.

So now, in order to use the IN Technique to resolve one of these old emotional painful energies, you have to decide that you are going to let yourself feel it… completely. It’s OK to make this decision because, as amazing as it might seem to be, you are going to learn how to completely resolve that old pain so that it is really gone and gone for good. Most people are pretty amazed because they didn’t know that truly getting rid of this kind of old emotional pain was even possible. Certainly they never did it before or even heard of anyone doing it.

So be assured that it is completely safe to let yourself feel the sensation of that old emotional pain. And as you will very soon experience… it isn’t even that difficult. It just requires learning how to do the opposite of what we are used to doing. The beauty is that it works!

So to access one of your old painful emotions you may have something you are well aware of that is still painful for you. If so, just thinking about will usually get you in touch with the sensation of the residual pain. Once you can feel it, click on the link below for either the female male voice version of the technique (they are the same other than being female or male) and use the Inner Guidance App to guide yourself through the experience of resolving that one. Go at your own pace. Just click or tap the NEXT button of the App when you are ready for the next instruction. The buttons are big enough that you can leave the cursor or your thumb if you are on a smart phone, right over the button and keep clicking on it for the next instruction even with your eyes closed. You’ll find that it is easiest to do the technique if you keep your eyes close throughout the process.

If you find that you can’t get access to the emotional energy from just thinking about it, that’s OK we have a back up plan and one that works amazingly well. The LOCATE Technique is designed for just this kind of situation. So if you’re not getting any sensation of emotion by simply thinking of some old emotionally painful experience, go to the LOCATE Technique page and learn how to do it by using the LOCATE Inner Guidance App to guide yourself through it,

Either way, as soon as you can feel the energy of the unresolved painful emotion, start the IN Technique Inner Guidance App of your choice by clicking on the appropriate link below.


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