Quantum Energy Optimizer (QEO)

One of Inner Greatness Global’s new technologies is called the Quantum Energy Optimizer or QEO. It looks like this –


The QEO works on the principles of wave theory from physics. It works on the same principle as a noise canceling headset. With a noise canceling headset there’s a microphone that picks up the environmental noise. The device inverts the waveform of the noise and sends the mirror image of the waveform of the noise to the ear at the same time that the noise reaches the ear. The result is the noise gets canceled out and you hear nothing but the music or movie without the interference.

The QEO works on the same principle. But instead of canceling out environmental noise, it picks up and cancels out the “noise” of unwanted electromagnetic fields in the body.

Everything in the body has an electromagnetic field: cells, organs, pathogens, toxins, even our habits and conditioning are made up of energy fields. With the QEO now we can pick up the energy fields of unwanted things and invert them and send them to the body where they get canceled out, just like the noise with the noise-canceling headset.

This is an amazing, refined and effective use of the principles of wave theory from physics that is now making it possible to change things that were difficult or impossible to change in the past.

The QEO is used by itself for programs like –

Our other new technology – the Pure Awareness Techniques is explained in detail here –

The Pure Awareness Techniques

Many programs at IGCs use an integration of the QEO and IGO. Such programs include:

You can have a free assessment for any of the programs at your local IGC without any obligation to buy anything. So come to one of our free introductory presentations and have a free test for any of our programs. Or make an appointment for a free assessment at your local Inner Greatness Center.

Come experience the power of these amazing new technologies that can awaken your full potential for success and fulfillment.

We wish for you that you take full advantage of both the QEO and EMT to get rid of your emotional and physical pain so that you can truly live and enjoy the totality of who and what you really are.

Here’s to the full awakening of your Inner Greatness!

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