April 6, 2017 – Press Release – Tom Stone Signs publishing deal with CelebrityPress® LLC

International Speaker and Entrepreneur, Tom Stone, Signs Publishing Deal With CelebrityPress® To Co-Author Mastering the Art of Success
Tom Stone, Founder of Inner Greatness Global, will team up with other leading entrepreneurs and professionals, including Best-Selling Author® Jack Canfield, to release the new book, Mastering the Art of Success.
Hong Kong, China – April 4, 2017 – Tom Stone is a trainer who helps his clients identify and thoroughly resolve emotional barriers to success and happiness. Recently, he signed a publishing deal to join a select group of experts and professionals to co-write the forthcoming book titled Mastering the Art of Success. In addition to Stone’s expertise, the new book also features content from world-renowned entrepreneur, professional speaker, and Best-Selling Author® Jack Canfield, originator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul® series. The book will be released under the CelebrityPress® LLC imprint, a leading business book publisher that publishes books from Thoughtleaders® around the world.
Mastering the Art of Success is tentatively scheduled for release in summer 2017.
A portion of the royalties earned from Mastering the Art of Success will be donated to Entrepreneur’s International Foundation, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to creating awareness for charitable causes.
Stone was selected to be in the book because of his commitment to professional success and willingness to share his vast knowledge. His expertise in the consulting industry makes him an asset to the publication and will surely benefit a wide range of readers.
For more information about the upcoming release visit www.CelebrityPressPublishing.com.

About Tom Stone:
Tom Stone is an internationally acclaimed speaker and seminar presenter, as well as an inventor, writer and entrepreneur. He has spent much of his life developing the most efficient and effective techniques for solving problems using principles and techniques from biophysics and consciousness.

Tom is the pioneer of the new emerging field of Inner Greatness Optimizing (IGO) in which he has made a number of unique discoveries, including a set of profound insights into the nature of human conditioning, which he calls the 12 Causes of Human Problems. This unique body of work provides the tools for eliminating the barriers and blocks that weigh people down, infringe on potential, and keep people from having the success they truly want. Tom’s techniques have led to remarkably effective solutions to many of the seemingly intractable problems that plague modern society such as anxiety, depression, ADD/ADHD and PTSD. Tom has written 12 books including The Power of How, Vaporize Your Anxiety and Vaporize Your Fear of Rejection.

He also stars in the movie The Keeper of the Keys with Jack Canfield, John Gray and Marci Shimoff.
“I am truly grateful to Tom for his help in my life, and I am certain that this pioneering work will help many others in a profound way.”
– Jack Canfield, Co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series.

“Tom Stone is nothing short of a genius. He is an expert in the area of dynamics, and he has the cleanest energy of ANYONE I’ve ever met, bar none.”
– Thomas Leonard, Founder of CoachVille, International Coach Federation and Coach Industry Pioneer.

Currently Tom is developing a growing network of Inner Greatness Centers in China and the USA with more opening soon in different countries.

You can connect with Tom at:
[email protected]

About CelebrityPress® LLC:

CelebrityPress® LLC is a leading business book publisher that publishes books from Thoughtleaders® around the world. CelebrityPress® LLC specializes in business anthologies, among various other types of titles, and has published books alongside Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy, Dan Kennedy, Dr. Ivan Misner, Robert Allen, Michael Gerber, Tom Hopkins, and many of the biggest experts across diverse fields. CelebrityPress® LLC focuses on helping its authors grow their businesses and their personal brands through book publishing; the organization has successfully helped launch thousands of best-selling authors® to date.

Learn more at www.celebritypresspublishing.com
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