Anxiety Assessment

This assessment is designed to give you a reality check on your level of anxiety. When you finish it you will get a private results page showing your level of anxiety on a scale of 0 to 100. You will also get some suggested resources that you can use to reduce the stresses that are at the basis of your anxiety. This assessment system is set up to allow you to use those resources to reduce or eliminate the stresses that are causing your anxiety and then take the assessment again so that you can see if and how much you have improved. Many people have completely and permanently resolved their anxiety using some of the Inner Greatness Global resources.

Take the assessment, learn how to clean up your inner emotional landscape with the free app that’s right here on the web site and then take the assessment again to see your progress.

Rate yourself from 0 to 10 (0 = Not true – 10 = Very true) for each statement. Making a selection for each of the statements is required.

Do you have or get:

[assessment name=’Anxiety’ 10_bar=”true”]

@ Difficulty breathing
@ Difficulty sleeping at night
@ Dizzy or lightheaded
@ Face flushed
@ Faint
@ Fear of dying
@ Fear of losing control
@ Fear of the worst happening
@ Feeling hot
@ Feelings of choking
@ Hands trembling
@ Heart pounding or racing
@ Indigestion or discomfort in abdomen
@ Nervous
@ Numbness or tingling
@ Feeling on edge
@ Racing thoughts
@ Shaky
@ Sweating (not due to heat)
@ Terrified
@ Unable to relax
@ Unsteady
@ Wobbliness in legs

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