9-Day Kameshti – Sept 19-2023

Wow! and… Wow!

The results of the kameshtis have started.

One of my students had a biopsy recently, and her doctors found pre-cancerous cells in her uterus. She was worried that these cells would become cancerous so we did some WaveForm Optimizing and also signed her up for the 9-day kameshti series.

I just received a note from her saying that another biopsy was done, and now they can’t find any precancerous cells. Wow! It seems a bit fast, and it might have been more due to the WaveForm optimizing, so it will take more research to know what really happened, but this is exactly the kind of result that we would be expecting from the combination of the WaveForm Optimiing and the kameshti. Whatever it was, this is just what we were helping for. Wow!

Unfreezing Bank Accounts

Prior to the start of the kameshtis, I was having trouble with my bank accounts and debit cards. I was locked out of them and couldn’t get anything to open or work. After the kameshtis started, I was able to get both the bank accounts opened and the debit cards working. It was a huge contrast to how it had been. I’m so grateful to have everything working again. And now, I am having a flood of new ideas for programs to help more and more people become emotionally competent. Wow!

So I’m sure that this is just the beginning of the positive influences created by the kameshtis. As there will be more kameshtis over the coming week, it is still possible for your family, friends, and colleagues to participate and benefit. You can spread the word by sending this email to your social network and your own mailing list. It won’t dilute the influences of the kameshti, in fact, it may very well enhance them.

If you have any questions about the 9-day kameshti program, you can email me at tomstonehse(at)gmail.com.

Thanks for helping spread the word, and when you do notice changes taking place, please let me know.



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