Transform Chronic Pain into Ease and Comfort – Sousa Hari

Our volunteer for this session on Transform Chronic Pain into Ease and Comfort was Sousa Hari. She had a bad fall a couple of years ago and had been in pain ever since. She had to quit her job that she loved and had very limited range of motion. A good place to start is to watch this video of her first follow up call. She needed a bit of a tune up to finish off getting rid of her pain and… it really worked! See for yourself!

  During her initial demo session, we tested that her problem had a very high possibility of being resolved with the Pure Awareness Techniques and started the session. As the session progressed she did a very thorough job of allowing herself to feel and complete the sensations of the energy patterns that were causing her pain. Several times during the session she mentioned that areas of tension in different parts of her body were simultaneously relaxing and letting go even though these were not areas where she was putting her attention. It was clear that these were places where she was kind of clenching up in reaction to the deeper root causes of the pain and they were just spontaneously releasing as she completed the resolution of the deeper stressed pain areas. By the end of the session she was moving around more than she has been able to since her fall injury to see if she could find any of the pain that she normally would feel if she moved like that. The result… no pain! She’s very happy!!! We just did her follow up and got her report on the results of the first session. She said that the severity level of the pain before the first demo session had been an 8 on a scale of 10. As a result of the session the pain severity level had come down to between 3 and 4. That’s more then a 50% reduction! She had a lot more mobility and was starting to be able to do things like driving that were very difficult to do previously. We tested that it would be optimal to give her a bit of a tune up right away and we both had the time to do that, so we used the IN Technique again on all of the remaining areas of pain. In each case we continued with the process until all of the pain in each area, right lower back, left lower back, shoulder blade, back of the head and hip was all totally pain free. Sousa got up and walked around a few times as a kind of “provocation test” which allowed her to feel a little bit of remaining pain that she didn’t feel while just sitting still. So we continued until she could walk around and couldn’t find any more pain. The video of this first follow up session is being processed and it will be put here as soon as it is ready. We will do another follow up call in a couple more weeks and see how she’s doing. Then we’ll post that additional video here as well. She is making incredible progress and is extremely grateful for the help and relief of this long term chronic pain problem.

Here’s the video recording of her initial demo session.

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