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The Inner Guidance App

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Now you can reduce stress and solve your problems with the Pure Awareness Techniques Audio Instructions using the Inner Guidance App. 

The Pure Awareness Techniques Audio Instructions

The IN Technique

The OUT Technique

The QUIETNESS Technique

The LOCATE Technique for IN

The LOCATE – OUT Technique

The LOCATE – IN Technique (short version)

The LOCATE – OUT Technique (short version)

The WHOLENESS Technique


Detailed Explanations of the Pure Awareness Techniques


Let’s face it – people are lousy at handling their emotions.

They either become good at suppressing them or they have the long term habit of just being overwhelmed by them. Unfortunately, at best, these strategies only temporarily avoid the full resolution of these unresolved disruptive emotions and the energy patterns of the emotional stress are still inside of you causing all kinds of physical and mental problems. This was proven with a now famous study called the ACE Study that you can read about here – ACE Study.

This lack of knowing how to actually really get rid of the energy patterns of emotional stress is the REAL underlying cause of the majority of problems in human life. The guy who discovered these remarkable techniques in 1997 used them to completely cure himself of PTSD that he had after getting shot in the chest by a deranged stranger with a .44 caliber handgun right at his front door in 1993. He miraculously survived this assault but had all of the symptoms of PTSD as a result – nightmares, flashbacks, startle response, hyper vigilance, anxiety, depression, etc. Tom didn’t believe the widely-held notion that PTSD is incurable. And he was right. By doing his own specialized research he found a way to quickly and completely cure his PTSD and he hasn’t had any PTSD symptoms in over 20 years! This is an unprecedented accomplishment. you can read Tom’s Amazing PTSD Recovery Story to get the details.

Emotions have both content and energy

Emotions have both content and energy. Most people focus on the content. This isn’t very effective. In fact, it doesn’t work well at all. That’s because it is the energy of the emotion that gives it life. Without effectively getting rid of the energy the problems that the energy causes persist.

There is now a systematic way of using the Pure Awareness Techniques to thoroughly eliminate the energy patterns of previously unresolved emotional stress that have been keeping you stuck with your problems and limited in your life. People haven’t known how to solve this fundamental problem, resulting in widespread emotional incompetence throughout the world.

There are now audio instructions of the Pure Awareness techniques for reducing emotional stress and pain that you ca use to guide yourself through the process of transforming suffering into joy.

These techniques have unprecedented effectiveness for reducing and even completely eliminating emotional stress and the problems that this kind of stress causes. See for yourself right here. Use the links above  to access the recordings.

New App

Although we created a mobile phone app for both iPhones and Android phones, the apps recently stopped working. This was apparently because the apps were developed with older development software that is no longer compatible with the recent advances of the phone operating systems. The phone apps have to be remade from scratch. We are working on that but it is time consuming.

In the meantime, we found  an interim solution which was to record the audio instructions in a video player where  you can toggle back and forth between PLAY and PAUSE by clicking anywhere on the video screen area. This is already working on the web pages. 

See the menu of these recordings for how to do each of the Pure Awareness Techniques on this page. They have been recorded as videos with vocal instructions and the words in a PowerPoint.

The techniques are easiest to do with your eyes closed so you don’t really need the written out words of the instructions in the Ppt but it made it easier to create the recordings by doing it this way.

You can click anywhere on the video screen to go back and forth between play or pause to easily guide yourself through any of the techniques at your own pace while keeping your eyes closed.