The 12 Freedoms Assessment


Fully Living and Expressing Your Inner Greatness

These 12 Basic Freedoms are what you experience when all of the limiting influence of the 12 Traumas, 12 Fears, 12 patterns of Conditioning and the 12 Habits are fully resolved. This means that you don’t operate as mainly the product of your conditioning. You have more more access to and expression of your Inner Greatness.

If you take this assessment first you can get a reality check on the extent to which your Traumas, Fears and Habits are holding you back from have the best possible experience of life. Take it again as you progress through the assessments for the Traumas, Fears and Habits and watch you scores improve. More importantly watch you life improve.

People who do a thorough job of resolve all of their inner barriers that create the 12 Causes of Human Problems all say that this process makes a bigger positive difference in their life than anything else they have ever done.

Try it! You’re going to love the results! 

Answer the questions below by rating them on a scale of 0 to 10 – 0 means not at all – 10 means maximum

[assessment name=’The 12 Freedoms’ 10_bar=”true”]

@ I only take action on things when I have a clear sense that it is right to do so
@ I have a deep inner feeling of stability that allows me to be open-minded
@ Under most circumstances I stay present and just see things as they are without automatically creating interpretations of the events
@ I’m quite comfortable with uncertainty
@ I have a deep sense of being whole and complete
@ I love myself
@ I feel self-sufficient. My needs seem to always get taken care of
@ I enjoy change and I easily go with the flow.
@ I am fully making my special contributions that only I can make to the world
@ I know things through directly experiencing them even when there’s no intellectual explanation
@ I consistently follow my intuition and enjoy one successful action after another
@ When I see something I dislike in my environment I also immediately look to see if it is in some way a reflection of something in me
@ I am fully present to the now

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