Pure Awareness Technique audio instructions

This page contains recordings of the Pure Awareness Techniques prepared in a special way so that you can click play to hear a next audio clip for a given technique and click pause after you have heard the instruction. You then do what the instruction has guided you to do until you have finished experiencing it. You then click the pause button again to start the next audio instruction for that technique.  and proceed with each instruction and following it’s guidance again and again until you complete the technique.

We have a phone app that makes the process quite easy as it allows you to advance from one audio instruction to the next by simply swiping the face of your phone to the right. However, this version of the phone app was made with older app development software and hasn’t been working properly. We have some app development guys working on a new version building it with the latest app development software but while that is in development we decided to make this page so that at least something is available for learning the techniques and being able to guide yourself through then at your own pace.

It is ideal to do the techniques with your eyes closed. So being able to keep your computer cursor in the same place over the pause button should allow you to keep your eyes closed as you advance through the audio instructions.

Even though the techniques have been recorded with a PowerPoint, keep your eyes closed as you go through the the sequence of the instructions. The visual of the Ppt is there just in case you you get interrupted or for some reason you have to stop. Then you have the choice of either restarting the technique instructions from the beginning or is it was only a brief interruption you can just click the pause button again when you are ready to continue from where you left off.

You can learn more about the evolution of Human Software Engineering (HSE) and the changes in the terminology that we use. – The Evolution of HSE

We hope this is helpful to you in learning and using these precious Pure Awareness Techniques. – Chart of the 8 Pure Awareness Techniques.

Here’s a menu of the techniques. Just click on the link of the technique you want to use to get started. (technique recordings coming soon)

The IN Technique

The OUT Technique

The QUIETNESS Technique

The LOCATE Technique for IN

The LOCATE Technique for OUT

The Sort version of LOCATE for IN

The Sort version of LOCATE for OUT

The WHOLENESS Technique

The KNOWING Technique (no audio instructions needed)

The NEUTRALITY Technique (no audio instructions needed)

The CLARITY Technique (no audio instructions needed)