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Many people have difficulty focusing. One of the ways that this problem effects people is that it makes reading difficult. When reading you sometimes get distracted and have to go back and read the same thing again in order to get the meaning. Both reading speed and comprehension are compromised.

Difficulties with focusing also cause people to jump from one task to another task without completing the first one. It also can cause it to be hard to stay focused on a lecture or even on writing a text or email. These problems undermine your personal productivity.

People who have this problem have been living with it their whole life and so they have no other frame of reference. It just seems to be normal. But it is not normal even though about 60 to 85% of the population have this problem in varying degrees of severity. The different % of the population has been determined by testing thousands of people all over the world. It has been found that the problem is more prevalent in certain regions of the world more than others.

There is a subtle pattern of energy that causes the distractions. IGC researchers have been able to isolate this subtle pattern of energy and the Quantum Energy Optimizer can invert and cancel out this energy pattern.

  • This eliminates the difficulties with focusing
  • Improves reading speed and comprehension
  • Improves test scores
  • Helps you to be naturally better organized
  • Helps you to get things done much more efficiently than ever before
  • Creates a rapid upgrade of your personal productivity

The procedure is completely safe, non-invasive and only needs to be done once. Think of it like running anti-virus software on all 50 trillion cells of your body.

This process only requires one session. The session takes about 25 minutes. The free test determines in a few moments if you have this problem and if our process will help.

For service fees check with your local IGC.

Results may vary.