Our Basic and Advanced Trainings

Learning the Basics

The Freedom Practice  and ‘Freedom Practice 2 – A program to learn how to do the Pure Awareness Techniques, including an app you can use to guide yourself through them


Health Problems with Multiple Causes

The Wisdom System – https://innergreatnessglobal.com/you-own-a-business-but-do-you-trust-yourself/A program to remove accumulated toxins and pathogens from your connective tissue. We have a way that this can be done over Zoom.

Optimal Diet – Training in preparing the best food for your health – what is best for you, what foods to avoid, and how to prepare the ones that are good for you.


Health Problems with Single Causes

Mastering the Results Now process

The Global eMunity Project


Upgrading your Business and Financial Status

Extraordinary Wealth – How to organize and multiply your power of giving value that people want


Upgrading Your Consciousness

Perfection & True Awakening Training – How to actually experience the innate perfection of everything and how to make the transition into living in Pure Awareness all the time.

The Permanent Pure Awareness Program – This program identifies that conditioning that comes from various sources such as religion, government regulations, from your parents and ancestors, the media, childhood stories and fairytales, and other sources. This helps you to live more and more from Pure Awareness and your Inner Greatness and less and less from your conditioned responses.


Access the Power of Ancient Knowledge

Scientific Life Assessment – If you have not yet had a Scientific Life Assessment (Vedic Astrology Reading) before, you will get your first reading during this Fast-Track program, and you are in for a real treat. Ritesh Shukla is one of the best Vedic Astrologers on the planet. People are amazed at how accurate and helpful such readings are.

Scientific Life Assessment Progress Readings Every three months, you will have a reading with Ritesh regarding what is coming up for you during the weeks and months ahead.

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