Extraordinary Presenting Assessment

People who are really good at public speaking advance in their careers faster than people who don’t present very well.

In this assessment you rate yourself for the main attributes of being an excellent speaker. You may already be good at public speaking but chances are that you could be even better.

It’s quite common for people to be held back in different ways by their conditioning and unresolved emotions. IGO is used in the Extraordinary Presenting Program to help people remove these inner barriers so that you can fully express each of qualities of being a truly great speaker at 100% of your natural capacity. You can read a detailed explanation about this program here – The Extraordinary Presenting Program

Rate yourself on a scale of 0 to 10 for your sense of to what extent you are expressing each of these primary attributes of top performers.

0 = you don’t express much at all of this attribute.

10 – You are expressing the full value of this attribute in your work and life all the time.

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@ My speech and expressions are simple and clear

@ My choice of words is optimal for each audience

@ My speaking is compelling and inspires people

@ I feel a strong connection with every audience no matter who they are

@ I am totally present when speaking in public

@ I’m completely comfortable with large audiences no matter how big they are

@ I’m completely comfortable with important audiences no matter who they are

@ I perfectly sense the needs of each audience in each moment

@ I always speak from my Inner Greatness

@ My speed of delivery is Optimal

@ My timing of delivery is Optimal

@ My volume of delivery is Optimal

@ I effortlessly adapt to the needs of each moment while presenting

@ While speaking I simultaneously sense how it is landing and adapt to create the best possible outcomes

@ When I speak I am calm and fearless

@ My speech touches the hearts of the listeners

@ I have the freedom of being unattached to the outcome of my speaking

@ I have great fun speaking

@ I look really great on stage, on camera or where ever I am speaking

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