The WHOLENESS Technique

How to Experience Pure Awareness Everywhere in the Universe


The WHOLENESS Technique – Experiencing Pure Awareness Everywhere

“I have practiced many forms of meditation and have had many wonderful experiences. But the first time that Tom took us through the WHOLENESS Technique it was the most profound experience of expanded consciousness that I had ever had. I didn’t want to come back! And as I have used The WHOLENESS Technique more and more I have developed this profound sense of oneness with everything and everyone. I am so grateful to know how to do this.”

– Susan Wight

The WHOLENESS Technique starts out with the QUIETNESS Technique and gives you the direct experience of Pure Awareness. But it then goes further to give you the experience that Pure Awareness permeates everything in the entire universe. This is not just an idea, or a mere intellectual concept. The WHOLENESS Technique actually takes you through the direct experience of this.

How to Do the WHOLENESS Technique

It starts with the QUIETNESS Technique and then expands the experience of Pure Awareness from the sense of being localized in your head to your whole body, then to the room you are in, then the house or building that you are in, then the town or city, the country, the world, the solar system, the galaxy, the clusters of galaxies and the entire universe and beyond.

When you open your eyes after having this expansive experience of Pure Awareness, you then allow yourself to feel the presence of Pure Awareness in an object that you can see and then in another person if you are in a place where there is someone else present. You can also imagine someone you know if no one is present in the room.

The result is a sense of expansion of the experience of Pure Awareness that gives you the very real sense of your oneness with the entire universe and everything in it. It gives you the direct experience that what you are at your essence is the essence of every single thing that you could ever experience.

Here are the links to the various versions of the Inner Guidance App for the WHOLENESS Technique:

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